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Journeyman III

Dual Display Port Issues (Monitor Sleep)

I've been pulling my hair out for the past several weeks over this one.

I built a brand new PC, having been building them for a couple decades.  This one has been giving me a nagging issue that I finally narrowed down to the Radeon driver.

I started with a Gigabyte B550 board with a AMD 5950X processor and 32GB DDR4.

I have the deep sleep option turned off, but left the monitors to turn off after 10 minutes.

After leaving the computer running, with the monitors blanked for 7-8 hours, when I wake the system back up (wiggle the mouse), all my desktop wallpaper is black, and the start menu is gone.  If I right click on the task bar, I just get an empty menu.

Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) stops working.  The only way to fix it is to pull up task manager and restart the explorer.exe process.

I've replaced the brand new motherboard with a different brand (Gigabyte B550 -> Asus B550), I've replaced the video card (5500XT -> 6700XT), replaced the RAM (Corsair -> GSkill).. even tried different monitors and display port cables.

Lastly, I replaced the videocard with an nVidia Quadro card, and ALL my issues went away.

This is clearly appears to be radeon driver issue.

Anyone else run into this issue?  And if so, has anyone else found a work around?

If I run one monitor on HDMI and one on Display Port, the issue seems to go away.  The only problem is I have three monitors, so two HAVE to be connected to display port.  Ideally all 3 should be on display port.

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Adept II

Never got a reply huh? I have never had issues with AMD cards the last few years. 5700XT... 6700XT and the last year 6800XT. But... I JUST added a second monitor. Both are on Display Ports. I am on current Win 10 and AMD adrenalin confirmed... When monitors wake up from power management I have black backgrounds and corrutped icons all over the place. I have to CTRL+ALT+DEL and restart to get back to normal. This is sad. Current work around is turn off monitor 2 before walking away and I do not get this issue. I ahve submitted a bug report.