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Black Screen - MSI Evoke Radeon 5700xt

I have an MSI Evoke Radeon 5700xt gpu, which gives me problems, recently some drivers have been updated in windows and that's where my annoyance comes from. The thing is that when I turn on my pc, it turns on correctly, then it loads and when it goes to the Windows desktop, the screen of my pc goes black and there is no video signal, I press the Num lock key and it does not respond like this I assume that the pc is frozen, I have to restart the pc and the same happens, I never get to the Windows desktop, on the third restart the pc enters recovery mode and although I can enter and modify some things like drivers and others, the same thing happens . I already tried to install a clean copy of windows and the problem persists, install previous versions of adrenaline and the same thing continues to happen, I need help with this, the gpu is not even a year old and it already gives me these kinds of problems that really is very annoying.

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