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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon 5500 out of range 75khz/60hz when updating drivers. Windows 10. Use VGA Port, old-ish monitor.

Hi everyone --

I recently upgraded one of my pc's. Windows 10, 16GB Ram, SSD - the whole story.

My graphics card remains, AMD Radeon 5500 series. I lost the drivers DVD a while ago, went to the Radeon website to get the new ones. As soon as the installation nears its end my screen goes blank with an "out of range 75khz/60hz" error. It's a older monitor, still works fine, but uses the VGA port. I've tried booting in safe mode to set the refresh rate to 60, but only 64 is available. The only way to return to working condition is to roll back the drivers. That leaves me with a standard Microsoft driver and now every time i boot up Windows I get a message telling me that there are no compatible AMD radeon drivers on the system.

Thanks and sorry for being long-winded.

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