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Journeyman III

bad performance rx 6700 xt

I bought this grapich card few days ago, and i can play warzone 2 on 70 fps thats ok , but league of legends runing on simmilar fps is not ok. I run league of legends with 70-120 fps. my old gtx 1050 ti runed it with about 200. Today gpu made system failure and my pc crashed? Im not sure what really happend but my screen went black and i could not hear any audio and i needed to reset my pc. As I see gtx 1050 ti perform better than rx 6700 xt and i will probably put back in my old grapich card and switch them when i want to play warzone ? I used ddu in safe mode to delete old drivers and instaled new ones. I used custom tuning settings sawn on youtube video (maybe that cuased system failure now back to default). If there is anybody that could help me fix this gpu i would be happy.

cpu: ryzen 5 2600
gpu: rx 6700 xt
ram: g. skill 16 gig ddr4
motherboard: tomahawk b450 max
power supply: coolermaster 750 or 700 w im not sure
display: 34" ASUS TUF VG34VQL1B
i will even mention my keyboard and mouse because maybe amd dont like them IDK.
keyboard: razer huntsman
mouse: razer deathadder
headphones: razer kaken
microphone: some random 9$ microphone
mouse pad: white shark (idk dimensions if needed i will take meter and mesure it)

I hope somebody could help me fix this gpu if needed u can contanct me on discord

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