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Journeyman III

AMDSoftware: Adrenalin edition Change GPU?


I recently bought a PC with the AMD RX 6800 XT GPU, and to be frank, it is working like **bleep**. In the PC there is also an integrated GPU. Now my question is, how does one change a game to run on the Discrete GPU within the AMD Software: Adrenalin edition. Any guides I find online suggest to go under graphic settings and adjust GPU workloads and profiles. No matter what I seem to do, the profile wants to use the integrated card instead of the discrete. Profile for the game, which is The Elder Scrolls Online for anyone asking, says it should be using "AMD RX 6800 XT" - But just does not. At the same time it says that the entire system is not able to run the game. - Nevertheless, as I boot up the game it starts on the integrated graphics card...

That being said, I use Windows 11, and I know I through these settings can change the specific GPU, but that does not work for half the games I boot up, where some of them just crash. I need to change it within the AMD software app. How to?

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