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Journeyman III

6900xt - top of screen black bios, grub, and some other times

Curious if anyone else has any insight or thoughts on this.

Have a 6900xt and ever since I got it I have had this issue. Booting into Windows and most everything else is fine. However going into BIOS the top 1/5th of the screen is black. Same goes with GRUB, and a couple screens where Linux is loading up, then resolutions gets "bigger" and everything is displayed. It really seems to be an issue where very low resolutions such as the BIOS and GRUB don't display correctly.

It was only the the BIOS and I was able to get around it. Lately I've been experimenting with Linux and not seeing GRUB and some other times it has been pretty annoying so finally after all this time seeing if anyone else has any insight.

At one point I believe I did connect it to a 4k monitor via HDMI and did not see any issues. This almost seems related to display port but I have been unable to test with other monitors to confirm.

Hardware information:
XFX 6900xt MERC
display port connection on a BenQ XL2730

Where the white stops is the part that does not render/display correctly. This is of GRUB and if displayed correctly I could see the boot options.
GRUB top of screen all blackGRUB top of screen all black

You can see with the backlight bleeding that part of the screen is missing/not displayed.
BIOS top of screen blacked outBIOS top of screen blacked out

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