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AMD RX580 Crashing whole computer

I have tried to get help from here but then everyone stopped replying and I really need help with this issue as it's an annoyance. I got myself a computer from CyberPowerpc but when I play games now it starts to flicker the screen till it just crashes and then a loud buzzing sound starts being heard and I cannot get out of the game so have to force shut down the computer but when I do so the graphics card stops working properly where the screen is all torn apart and can barely see the screen till I disconnect and reconnect it back to the computer but at times it doesn't work till I do the same thing over and over again like 20 times. I have tried every solution I could find which was trying to lower the voltage, put the power limit up but it keeps on happening. I cannot play a simple game now as It will just crash. Also one thing to add is the temperature is up pretty high at times even when i am not gaming as it stays up at 49c. I closed every application down as well to see if it would work and nothing would happen but it gets worse when i get to a game as it is more than 53c at times. Help!


AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB GDDR5 PCI-3 3.0

MSI X470 Gaming Plus AM4 ATX W/ RGB USB 3.1 SATA3 2 M.2 Crossfire

Adata 4GB DDR4-3000 XPG Z1 Memory

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 3.0(3.7GHZ Turbo) 8-Core 16 MB L3 Cache AM4 65W

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If it's a new purchase from CyberPowerPC then you should be talking directly to them, though one would wonder why they put a previous generation CPU in a new generation board, and only 4GB of RAM...


The only thing they told me to do before was just disconnect the graphics card from the PC but it still doesnt fix any of the issues