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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

AMD rx 560 2gb is not detected

First, i want to say that this is the first time i build a pc.

im using :

proc : intel g4560

gpu : rx560 2gb

motherboard : msi b250i pro

i just installed a Windows and success!, after that i tried to install my gpu's driver, but it says that the graphics hardware is not detected (error 175).

my Windows is uptodate version 1803, my bios is fully updated too, but still, my gpu wont show up.


if i visit , the website detect my gpu as rx 560, so.... what should i do ? im so confused, and i cant find any answers on google

when i plug in the display cable to gpu, it says no signal, so now i plugged in the cable to the motherboard. for now im using a TV as a display, bcs i dont have any money for a monitor, yet.

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