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Journeyman III

the fan of my sapphire radeon rx 550 does not work and causes the card to overheat and standby

The fan of the graphics card works before booting on windows.
After the start of windows the fan stops working, it causes overheating of the graphics card and its power off.
Despite the use of radeon setting and wattman with the factory settings the fan of the graphics card never starts.
I do not use any third-party software for the graphics card, I only use the "win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-edition-18.8.1-aug17" driver.
thank you in advance for your help.

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Adept II

Try to install the tool SAPPHIRE TriXX. There is a fan control with an excellent sensor detection included.

After starting TriXX the fan is at 0%.

Click Fixed or Custom and play with it.



Can you upload pictures of your Radeon Settings and Wattman settings?

kingfish​ or someone else who is very experience with Wattman can assist you if you post images of the Wattman settings you have now. It could be a mis-configuration on your part.

Also for Users to help you, you need to post your computer information as per AMD Forums rules: INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION .

By the way, The GPU Fans on the RX 5xx series cards don't start until the GPU temperature is above 55c or 60c . Once it reaches that temperature the fans suppose to turn on automatically. But this can be overridden by using Wattman, I believe.


Please post a picture of your settings. They should look like this. And never use any third party controller...they all conflict with wattman. Check you computer for is installed with Saphire products....whether you use it or not. Delete it. Turning it off/disable does no good.

Or depending on your version:

Journeyman III

I've been struggling playing WoW on my Chronos 7 (NP700Z5C-S02UB) for the last week because of heat issues. After clearing out the metal fan grates, refreshing the thermal compound, and just propping the laptop up w/o it's bottom panel on, it runs WoW at 1600x900 on near-max settings really well.

Journeyman III


here are my old settings
and those you tell me to apply:


unlike you my fan never starts only with wattman it turns only since I installed sapphire trixx.
Moreover even with high temperatures around 50/55 degrees the fan never starts and the graphics card overheats and shuts down


liard23 schrieb

Moreover even with high temperatures around 50/55 degrees the fan never starts and the graphics card overheats and shuts down

Can you please show a picture of TriXX.




I do not know how to use it but I just change the fan to cool my graphics card


This previous thread on AMD Forum is similar to yours: Rx550 Fan not spinning .

kingfish​ explains in detail about configuring Wattman.

This is from a Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 GPU card with Intelligent Fan III:

NITRO Cool Tech - Intelligent Fan Control III With the SAPPHIRE NITRO Gaming Series cards’ Intelligent Fan Control III, the fan starts precisely at 54 degrees Celsius to smartly balance performance against fan noise.

Your card has this feature according to Sapphire: SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon RX 550 4GB – The Heart. The Beat. The Game.

Intelligent Fan Control III

Enjoy the silence! Under light workloads, the fans won’t spin at all. They restart when you fire up a new game. This ensures your GPU stays cool.

If you think your setting is the same as the settings I posted...your blind. "Target" refers to the temperature the fans become engaged. "Max" is the highest temperature you want the card to operate at. The fans will automatically increase to keep at/under the Max temperature you set (80). Everything else is left at default..automatic.

Rest your setting to default and try again.



Target temperature is not the same nor is the Max Temperature setting. Speed setting is also changed.

Doesn't matter though, the Sapphire control is overriding the Wattman settings...that is the cause of his "issue" and unless he can delete the program, it will remain. Instead of questioning AMD, he should question Sapphire.

Deleted my comment since you clarified your previous comment. 

Adept I

stop putting your finger in the fan