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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT, random no monitor signal

Hi all!

I am having this weird issue, it started a week ago.

Randomly the signal to my monitors cuts out, and I have to do a hard restart (using the reset button in my case does not help, I have to hold down the power button). When the signal cuts out there is first a green line or flash and then I get the no signal from my monitor.

I don't know if this is related but, sometimes when I start my pc the screen freezes on the login screen (It's not a problem with my mouse or keyboard because the time on the screen does not update). 

I bought my pc at caseking, which means I didn't assemble the pc - they did. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

What I tried / additional info:

- Reinstall drivers using DDU (I reinstalled the amd software adrenalin).

- This is a relatively clean install of windows (1-2 months old).

- When using FurMark GPU stress test, the black screen does not happen.

- dxdiag does not show any errors (I can post the output if asked).

- I do not have any overclock software installed.

- The crash mostly happens when I'm gaming (It crashed while playing CS:GO and MTG: Arena), but this could be a coincidence.

- Both of my monitors are basic 60HZ monitors and are connected with hdmi.

PC specs:

Mainboard: Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming, AMD X470 Mainboard

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3,6 GHz (Matisse)

CPU Cooler: be quiet! Pure Rock CPU-Kühler - 120mm

Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX schwarz, Ryzen, DDR4-2400, CL16 - 16 GB

Graphics Card: ASUS Radeon RX 5700 XT 8G, 8192 MB GDDR6

Power Supply: be quiet! Straight Power 11 Netzteil, 80 PLUS Gold, modular - 750 Watt

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Adept I

Similar problem here.
GPU:5700xt Sapphire Pulse
I have 2 Screens, a 2k with apple Dp->DL , and a 165Hz screen Dp
Sometimes the 165Hz became black, but it's odd.
I already had problems with 2 Rx580 (one with DL dead and the second turns off and doesn't wake up)
I hope to have a solution soon, I'm regretting have choose red team. 

Journeyman III

Anybody have any luck with newest driver released 3/5/20? Made reference to it in patch notes


My card seems to be much more stable with the 3/5/20 driver. I only once right after updating to it had my pc start with a blue tint to the screen. Restarted and it went away like usual. Haven't had any issues since then which is unbelievable with this damn card.


In my case no. Once I had no signal on main screen ( I had to reconnect the cable to see again) and I found 4 software radeon badges in another case (was restarted 4 times?)


NO. It is the same stuff. I have had a good bit of luck with 19.12.1 but now It is also doing the same thing. I don't think AMD is concerned with our issues at all. I had 1660 before and though 5700 would be a nice upgrade but O boy I was wrong. It is a NIGHTMARE.


I've also had this issue since purchasing this card back in January. There seems to be no pattern to the black screens, sometimes the will not happen at all and sometimes they will happen repeatedly in the span of a few minutes. They typically seem to happen for the first 20 minutes of playing a game and then go away or lessen in frequency.

I've tried talking to AMD support but all they tell me to do is re-install drivers and turn off windows update (which you can't really do anymore). I don't have a browser open when I'm gaming so it's not that. I've disabled adaptive sync which doesn't help. I've tried doing driver re-installs with DDU which maybe helps for a very short period of time.

I wish I had returned this card and bought an nvidia card again before my return window closed. I've had nothing but problems with it and AMD can't seem to be bothered to fix their drivers. What a waste of money.

Adept I

Mate we are on the same page. It is not just you. Though I have RX 5700, this issue looks fairly similar. It frequently occurs while I am playing Apex Legends. This is going to be my last AMD GPU for sure. I'd rather pay $20 more and get rid of such headache. 

Journeyman III

I have RX 580 4GB and Im getting this issue since last friday or so.

My monitor loses signal and it happen quite randomly. Sometimes it runs fine whole day gaming/browsing internet, sometimes it happen when I start game, sometimes when I end game, sometimes when I wake up PC after not using it for a while, sometimes my monitor flicker once but it keeps working without any issue. It also happened today when I was updating my drivers with that AMD software and monitor start flickering (thats fine) and monitor just got disconnected. Tried different cable and slots on my GPU obviously.

When my monitor disconnect it cant find signal for few minutes. But when I connect tv it works fine while my monitor is just searching for signal. Reset of PC dont help. I have Seasonic 650W PSU Gold. 

Journeyman III

Whenever I turn my computer on, it's a gamble. Sometimes it works on the first boot, or the 4th. It always requires a shutdown though, restart never works. The post screen always displays, and then I either get a system freeze right before the login screen appears (the circular dots that spin while loading Windows freeze and the monitor remains on) or I get no signal at the login.

Specs (no overclocking, tried with both integrated graphics disabled and on auto)

AMD Ryzen 3400G

Gigabyte RX 5600 XT Gaming OC - hooked up through DisplayPort with Freesync enabled

Gigabyte B450 AORUS M

EVGA G3 650W

G. Skill DDR3200 2x8GB

Running Adrenaline v20.3.1

Edit: Upgraded to a Ryzen 3600X with the MSI B450 Tomahawk Max, the issue still prevails.

Adept I

Hi , when i try VGA card Aorus radeon 5700 xt with monitor C27F , with display port cable , it is not working , windows not boot on DisplayPort cable , i must use hdmi first till windows opened then i convert to display port cable ,,
When i go to my pc store which i bought the aorus products from it , we try 4 VGA cards and we discovered it is a problem from the aorus radeon rx 5700 xt cards ,

First we suspect in the mointor but later we make sure it is not the mointor because we try aorus rtx 2070 and it boot on display port well

So please if there any soultion to make my pc boot on display port automatic without convert it manually please help me

Motherboard: x570 aorus elite wifi

Adept II

I don't know if this would help but the answer here worked for me: Monitor blank screen over DisplayPort with 5700 XT 

Basically go to Radeon Software -> Display Overrides -> Disable HDCP -> Restart PC.

What happened to me was the day before I played MHW on a TV @ 1440p. The next day I plugged in to my two 1080p monitors. I forgot to change the Resolution in the game. I ran the game. After a few minutes it crashed. Green color on my two monitors. I pressed reset button on my pc case and the other monitor's signal was lost. That one display port stopped working (changed cables, changed monitors, etc).


Same here. Tried already all drives. Seems that the older ones are better..but it still crash a lot. With the new drives i get a crash every 10 minutes depending on game. The PSU is fine , The temps are fine. Can't return the card now. The thing is that i'm on a single monitor..and if i reconnect the cable wont fix a thing. I had to shut down the power to fix it. Freesync off won't work for me. More than 3 month with this gpu and i only had 3 days without a crash after a clean windows install and latest driver at that moment. After that i get a crash almost every single  day. I miss my old gtx 1070. Payed 500 euros for a card that it's not working. 


What's your card?

I'm only getting crashes on games so I tried undervolting. This worked for me. Below is my new settings.

What's the default for you card (third column freq/volt)? Mine is 2084 Freq, 1200 volt which is kinda high. When stress testing my card the default freq/volt causes artifacts and some crash. With my new settings below, no more crashes except on MHW.


Save your settings to file so you can load it anytime. HTH



Ok so after you posted this picture i checked mine. You said what you had was this is mine (default settings) the GPU is rx5700XT gigabyte gaming OC. Untitled.png

I'm that kind of person that keep everything stock. But i think I'm gonna try to undervolt a little bit


Me too, stock if there's no problem.

But I observed my clocks while gaming and compared it to the default from their website.


At default, my card boosts up to 2030. My game clock goes somewhere from 1900-2000. So clearly, it is overclocked by default and I'm getting artifacts and crash from games using Ultra or maxed out settings. So I underclocked and undervolted little by little until no more artifacts or crashes. It took me 1 whole day haha 



So the default base clock speed is 1650 and mine is 1835 according to the GPU-Z. Jesus and i'm to afraid to change it by myself. I mean..i;m ok to do some changes but this it will be my first try for a GPU and i'm kinda nervous


haha doing small amounts by 5 to 20 will be fine. it will not kill your system. i've crashed my pc by adding too much like up to 2200 Mhz. go easy on the voltage. i've crashed by low voltage of 800 and high clock. 

Journeyman III

I thought I was on to something earlier in the week, so I was hoping you could answer if you are interested.  How many of you that have problems are using @Intel CPU's with your 5700's or other series cards?  Most of the people complaining here and on all the other forums seem to be using Ryzen or other AMD CPU's.  A lot of the reviewers out there also seems to be using Intel's i9 9900k clocked at 5Ghz to eliminate any kind of bottlenecks I suppose and they seem to not have any issues, but seriously, is it just me or are is anyone else picking up this trend, if it is even one.

Bought a Gigabyte Aorus RX5700XT 8GB on 12 June 2020, got it on the 15th, RMA's it 2 days later hoping for a credit so I can buy an RTX2070 Super, I am tired of this sh1t, seriously.  I tried every single thing and I was hoping to be one of the lucky ones to not have issues, especially since it launched almost a year ago, but alas.  Having the same issues, black screen with PC staying on sometimes, sometimes just crashes and restarts automatically, BSOD, system freezing, etc. the same sh1t. 

My specs:

Gigabyte Aorus X470 Gamiung Ultra rev. 1.0 - Latest BIOS, and two BIOS version back (Stepping up to latest, all tested)

RYZEN 7 2700X - no overclocked with latest AMD firmware installed

G.Skill Trident Z 16GB 3000Mhz - This is the Ryzen Specific kit bought for compatibility sake

Silverstone 700watt Gold PSU - Using two separate PCIe cables to provide power to the GPU

No NVMe SSD in M.2 slots so no PCIe issues 

Installed Windows fresh every time I installed a different Radeon driver version and tested, every time I got the same result, with varying frequency and with no luck replicating it exactly.  19.11.3 worked for a while in MW but still issues.  


I'm using Intel. i5 9600KF


intel i5 8400


Intel i5 2400

Adept I

Support told me to send it back, for they it's just faulty. For me it's a driver problem, the issue it's different in every driver version. There is no clock issue, no load issue, it's just random, don't go crazy for something should be checked BEFORE selling it. I'm upset and sad, don't know if I will buy again a amd's gpu. Goodbye guys, if youi can just send it back or sell it, in 6/8 months problem it's not solved, and a new generation it's going to be released...

Journeyman III

Not drivers, not cables, not Windows.  For all monitors connected to RX 5700 (XT), the HDCP handshake is not working (so a card problem in my opinion).  Go to Adrenaline software and disable it.

Radeon Software -> Display Overrides -> Disable HDCP -> Restart PC

Journeyman III

Ok - this has bugged me for a few months now, and very annoying.  I had the issue where the monitor would come back on for about 3-5 seconds after waking from sleep, and off the whole lot would go.  even disconnecting the power to the monitor, 3-5 seconds later, off it all goes again.    I think the driver two before the one that was available today seemed to be better.

However.... Journeyman III - that's great - the Disable HDCP (which I don't use) worked, at least for me.  It's great.  I was close to selling and going back to nv**** .

Many Thanks....

(signed up just to write that if it helps others too!)

Journeyman III

I know this thread is quite old but I had the same issue and I might have found a solution. I was running through different performance profiles when having the problem and then turned it to "Default". Maybe the other options are very unstable (even the undervolt one).