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Monitor blank screen over DisplayPort with 5700 XT

Question asked by danmac on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2020 by noko

Yesterday I got my Red Devil 5700 XT to upgrade from my GTX 1060 6GB. I installed the card, cleared the NVIDIA drivers with DDU and installed the Radeon software using a HDMI monitor I have in my kitchen.


I then moved it to my normal desk and plugged it into my normal gaming monitor (a Kogan KALED24144F, off brand 1080p 144Hz FreeSync monitor) via the same DisplayPort cable I have always used with the old Graphics Card and booted. 


The boot screen showed up as normal and loaded into Windows, but as soon as Windows loaded the screen flickered coloured snow and went into power saving mode. I had a second monitor connected via HDMI that did connect fine and the Radeon Settings showed both monitors but nothing would turn on the DisplayPort connected one. 


These are the steps I have tried so far to rectify the issue:

  • Change the refresh rate to 60 or 120Hz instead of 144
  • Different DP cables (I have 3 of them known to work in the past)
  • Plugging the Kogan Monitor in via HDMI works and gives me 120Hz but no FreeSync
  • Plugging another Acer 60Hz monitor in via DisplayPort using the original cable works


Does anyone have any suggestions (other than buy a new monitor) to this issue? I am a bit disappointed that after finally switching to the Red Team, I can't get 2 of the features I wanted most (high refresh rate and FreeSync).