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Journeyman III

AMD driver wont stay installed

So my problem started about 3 weeks ago with computer randomly not booting up on first startup. I'm still a noob when it comes to computers so I wish I would have known that it was a windows update that probably started the problem, anyways I digress. So I have the following, all drivers are updated except the graphics card. Motherboard -  ASRock B450  Ryzen 5 processor Graphics -  Radeon rx 5500xt ram -  Corsair 16 gb ram (2 sticks) ... tried pulling them out and reinstalling and didnt work) power -  corsair cx650m  All this is about a year old as I upgraded my prebuilt and used only the case and fans. Has worked including with adrenalin drivers downloaded and working until problem started about 3 weeks ago. So I reloaded a fresh copy of windows about 2 weeks ago and reloaded everything. Since then now I cant get The graphics driver to load without crashing the windows upon restart from driver install. It will download the driver but when it goes to restart to install it crashes on window reboot. Troubleshooting I've so far: Tried older version of driver- didnt work Tried changing the timing someone suggested- TDR I believe - didnt work Tried uninstalling old AMD files with DDU total wipe, didnt work Tried taking out ram and re-installing and didnt work Grahics card is working because its recognized Some reason windows and AMD driver arent talking or working together, stopping it from rebooting up for final step of install. I have to do a startup repair after 3 reboot tries and it uninstalls driver and anything else I was trying to load and puts back to Microsoft Basic driver. I'm sure I've not fully explained everything properly but I've been working on this for 2 weeks, reading through community hear and seems like alot of people have this problem but I dont find a solution. Computer does work ok on basic driver but video is slow to load, and cant play many games now.  Please help  

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Adept II

You need to disable automatic installation of drivers with Windows Update. Windows tries to install the latest "qualified" driver (WHQL) and not necessarily the "latest" driver which may be required for a device. 

Read about it here:

Journeyman III


So I got the driver to stick one day and I downloaded a windows update to maybe help it stay. So now every startup it doesnt boot up, so I go to system restore. Take out the windows update and it boots up with driver working......**bleep**. So I know i'm getting close, just got to figure out why it cant get past bootup. I did the no driver install on windows update step BTW.


thank you for the replies and look forward to more help.


What does your your Device Manager log say?

Something like "Kernel-Pnp service amdwddmg problem" Device had a problem starting?

You might need to turn off the Fast Boot feature in the BIOS.