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Journeyman III

Adrenaline drivers crashing in game. 23.5.2

After a ton of testing, it looks like the latest drivers have been causing Black screen Driver crashes that show an Adrenaline de-bug pop-up. This occurs accross multiple game from Metro to Overwatch. Unfortunately the only thing that has fixed this so far is rolling back the drivers, however, this has caused other issues. 


  • CPU: i7 8700k
  • GPU: Radeon Vega 64
  • Mother Board: Maximus x Formula
  • Kingston Fury Beast 32 GB 3733 MHz
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Adept I

I think I have the same issue. Out of the blue as well. everything was perfectly running, and suddenly my games started crashing. No updates, changes, nothing, it just started crashing. Have you found a sollution?



Out of the blue?? Please check temps... with higher ambient temps, your card might be running way hotter. Also if you did upgrade the driver and reverting to pervious version does not help it could be something else.. 

If temps are high check & clean the GPU cooler. Also if the fin-stack has a little play/feels loose the paste might have gone bad or the screws might have come loose a bit. (If so fasten gently and evenly.. quarter turn, next screw quarter turn, next screw and repeat)


The temps have been normal, so I don't think that has anything to do with it.

The driver upgraded but a few weeks back. Everything has been normal since, untill today. Nothing updated. Nothing changed. Windows or driverwise

Have you checked? .. or what version of windows are you running? Patch tuesday just went over.. so there might be updates waiting for a reboot. 

Agree on temps if they are stable..  but around here ambient temps are up about 10'C .. so that could also have a huge impact


I run windows 10, I checked for updates. Multiple times. Can't find them anywhere. My computers says everything is well


Ok, if it doesnt have any to offer it should be good (security) wise ... the setup logs also end on the 18th? 

With windows 10.. did you DDUI and reinstall?

I would still test removing the last updates, reinstall driver, test and update again.. please dont forget  

From your description something linked to the driver or software is not happy and hangs, thus watchdog does not see a crash though also not getting any feedback. It tries to restart the driver and hangs as well.. 

This might be caused by permission issues, version mismatch or issues with windows-libraries/interfaces (maybe the driver itself btw)

Can you run the adrenaline CP? 



Hello, the problem is fixed. In the end it was something very simple and stupid. Ray Tracing caused my game to crash. I didn't consider that an option because it worked fine before and the problem stayed even after I had closed the game, but now I have turned of Ray Tracing the entire issue is gone

Hello, was perfectly running with the driver 23.5.2? Or its starts to happen after updating to 22.5.2?


Was perfectly running on 23.5.2. Reinstalling the same didn't work. Other games seem fine, though I havent't tested them all



It just could be that the drivers were replaced by windows update.. though MS should have fixed the version issue by now. 

Please try:

1- turn vsync on and both adaptice sync and freesync disabled... same goes for REBAR/SAM

2- try and wipe profiles & settings, and reinstall drivers after that.

3- What is the brand of GFX-card?

4- Is there any orher monitoring software installed?


I have a 6650XT. It's happening to other games now as well though they only freeze for a bit. I get the time-out pop up from AMD Adrenalin, then my game (and PC in general) freezes, and afterwards they are normal again, untill it happens again. The Witcher 3 is the only one that really crashes though. Can't even start it up anymore now. 


When did windows update do it thing?

You could check for the dates of last installed packages... also with both NV and AMD i have had issues in the past when other apps or even Explorer tried to notify in the background. 

Can you check the windows eventviewer -application&system logs (open eventvwr, and start witcher3... refresh events after gamecrash and check for errors..) those could provide some info what was happening at the time of the crash. Broken .Net assemblies or corrupted shader caches is what comes to mind.

hope this helps a bit...



last windows update was june 18th. Didn't bring any issues with it then. 


Eventmanager doesn't say much. Simply says that: "driverprogram amdwddmg doesn't respond anymore" 


Thanks for the quick reply!

So about 3 days ago ... in eventvwr .. what are the last events in setup-log? 

Just to clarify: WinUpdate does not always do what you might expect. I've seen so many machines which had issues caused by WU and not setting permission for the registry correctly after patches. Biggest issue is that for some updates you explicitly need to reboot, not shutdown.

Amd WatchDog DeBug Manager .. or maybe DataBase ... but something does seem to crash/stall the driver allright, .. most issues i've encountered. Though WatchDog should notice a crashed driver and not hang itself. 

Its not an exact sience as im not behind the wheel, but i would like the dates in the setup log.. if you check for updates, are there any available?


I will try and look at that tomorrow. Too much pc stuff for today. I don't know anything about computers really, so all this took way too much concentration. I might just bring it in for repair cuz i don't think I can do this myself. 


will somebody tell me why my rx 6800+ r5 5600 runs like **bleep** on ac brotherhood stutering frezzing while exiting game is it too powerfull or what?

Adept II

I have three PC configuration options:R 5 5600 X+RX 6700 XT/R 7 3800 XT+RX 6800/Lenovo R 7 5700. And there have never been any problems with AMD drivers at all. To do this, you need to follow simple rules and you will not have any departures, black and blue screens, etc.