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Journeyman III

7900XTX not booting

So i got my nee GPU today and after driver install it just keeps bricking onto the VGA light on my motherboard, keeps stuck at it. And only after turning the PC on and off again will it boot. To find out the drivers are gone. Previous NVIDIA driveds have been uninstalled with DDU kept hanging, then decided to reinstall windows. And it still does the same

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It seems that the issue with the 7900XTX not booting is a common problem for some users. The issue may be related to driver installation or compatibility with the motherboard. Here are some possible solutions based on the search results:

  • Uninstall previous NVIDIA drivers: Make sure to completely uninstall any previous NVIDIA drivers using a tool like DDU before installing the new AMD drivers
  • Check compatibility with the motherboard: Some users have reported issues with the 7900XTX not booting on certain motherboards, so it may be worth checking compatibility with the motherboard
  • Try different PCIe slot: If the GPU is not booting in the first PCIe slot, try a different slot on the motherboard
  • Check power supply: Make sure the power supply is sufficient for the GPU and that all power cables are properly connected
  • Update BIOS: Make sure the motherboard BIOS is up to date and compatible with the GPU
  • Try Safe Mode: Some users have reported success in detecting the GPU in Safe Mode and installing drivers from there. 

Hope this helps. 

PC Hardware Specialist

I tried my old GPU my 2080TI and it worked fine, tho i did have a vertical bracket and installed a new Bracket with also a new Rizer cable and with the 7900XTX it seems to be booting into windoes fine now. So could the old Rizer cable have been the problem?