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Adept I

7900XT/XTX long BOOT / initialisation time


According to posts on technical forums this problem became quite common for AMD 7900XT/XTX GPU users.

The issue: long initialisation time between power on and boot up BIOS screen. In my case it is up to 30-40 seconds. But in some cases it may take much longer.

I got Intel z690 platform and before 6800XT or 6900XT was working without such problem. 

By the way,  I'm using 7900 XTX Sapphire Nitro+ but as I can see, this issue affects different 7900 designs and from different partners. 

I would really be happy, to hear some advanced ideas how to deal with it... 

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I had this problem after instalition of H220 windows update + drivers it was kinda anoyning my record was 10minutes. I fixed it in the most unpleasure way posible clear windows instalation then update and then adrenaline software. To be honnest its probably very specific issue.


Sorry but this is not the case. OS is nothing to do with that, because problem appears BEFORE BIOS POST screen...

Adept II

With my 7900XTX on AMD B550 chipset there is no such  "long initialisation time between power on and boot up BIOS screen.". It´s not noticeable... after few seconds after Power On Win11 starts. And "Quick start" in advanced energy options of Win11 is disabled!

Have you used CMOS clear after installing the new GPU?
Is the new GPU correctly connected with the PSU with 3 8-PIN PCIE cables belonging to the current PSU  (no cheap y-adapters / no cables from other PSU)?
Do you use a riser cable?

Check in the UEFI of your Z690 Mainboard if there are "RAM memory training options" enabled? Maybe your RAM Timings are bad/ the RAM is not good... or maybe there is an UEFI Update available for you unknown mainboard.

 And change PCI-E Express AUTO Option to manual/PCIE 4.0.


Unfortunately, this is more complicated problem than that. 

A would like to admit that BIOS settings/FLASHING different versions/proper installation and other simple things was done.

Also, any other card 6800 6900, 3060, 3070 starts fine.

Journeyman III

Hello! I registered to the community to add that I also encounter this problem. I have a brand new rig with a Gigabyte 7900xtx Gaming OC, on an MSI Z790 Edge Wifi and the boot time before I reach the Windows login is 36 seconds or more, cold boot. If I restart is far far worse.
It's definitely a GPU issue, as the EZ Debug led stays white for most of the duration and only when it turns off, it starts loading Windows.
In addition, when I removed the 7900xtx and switched to the integrated intel one, the loading time was cut to about 15 seconds (Bios boot time from Windows Task Manager).
This is reported in other fora:
PC takes longer to boot with new gpu (7900 xtx), white vga led stays on for 30 seconds before bootin...
Question - AMD 7900 xt causing boot times to be INSANELY slow. | Tom's Hardware Forum (tomshardware....
Till now, no solution has been found. BIOS is latest, driver is latest, although this is before Windows boot, so irrelevant. Any help or insight is appreciated.

Adept III

I am experiencing exactly the same issue with long post time when I  have my Powercolor RX 7900 XTX connected. Ez debug stays white for as long as 20-30s (or so).

This issue doesn't exist when I remove the card and use intel integrated igpu.

Is there something we can do to speed up this post process?

Journeyman III

Hello.Same problem. Gigabyte rx 7900 xt gaming oc and gigabyte z690 ud ddr5. On 3080 and uhd 770 it takes 8 seconds to load bios. After installing the new 7900 graphics card, the boot time was 30 seconds. Before booting the system there is a long initialization of the GPU

Upd. "CSM support - enable" - This helped me.

Adept I

So I quite sure this issue exists using Intel Z6xx, Z7xx platform + 7900 series gpu. And it is definitely combability problem.

Is any support members appears on this forum? Or maybe someone have an idea how to pass this problem to AMD GPU support team?


It's just Intel going ... "Wait ... do I know you? ..oh yeah .. you know I was cool with your brother but .. you .. I don't know.."

AMD on AMD goes .." Sup bruh'"

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Journeyman III

Hello Guys, first sorry for my writing. I from Brazil.

I tested the rx 7900 xtx in a 11 Intel processor and a mobo from msi (boot in 8 Seconds). And no have issues with boot time, but in z690 and 13 Intel still have a long post about 50 Seconds or more delay.

I believe it is a problem with the intel and socket of the 12th and 13th generation. not with the rx 7900 xtx.


MSI Z690 + 13700K + 7900XTX probably took 2-3 times longer than my nvidia 3080 to POST and get to bios screen. It was noticeably longer, but only 7-12 seconds total.

Adept III

Do you guys have the latest BIOS and ME firmware updates? I'm waiting for my 7900XT from XFX, and I'd hate to see very long boot times with it, the 6950 XT was fine. If the card is good, it probably won't be a dealbreaker, as I try to use sleep usually, but I actually had some issues with sleep with the 6950 XT, so it's still a gamble for me.

(the 6950 XT was very nice for the price, but I managed to order a 7900 XT for only $88 more, so it seemed like a no-brainer. I just really hope it works out)

Adept III

Got my 7900 XT from XFX, and yes, it takes a bit longer to initialize before the BIOS splash screen appears. Only about 12 seconds for me, vs probably 3-4 seconds with another GPU, so the entire boot sequence is still acceptable (still faster than any MSI board I've used in the last few years).

My mobo is Asus Z690 TUF Gaming Plus D4

Journeyman III

For people using the MSI Z790 EDGE WIFI and a 7900XTX Merc from XFX, at least in my case.

The solution to the long posting, which is either a GPU or Motherboard bios issue, relies with UEFI boot. If you disable UEFI boot, the motherboard boots as normal within the average much faster load times. UEFI boot takes 45s on average to POST with this GPU. I don't know if this in an AMD or MSI issue. However this is what I found to be the temporary fix.

Multiple bios have been released for the board and I have this since December last year.

Also, if you remove the PSU cables from the GPU, but leaving it on the pcie socket anyway, will turn off the GPU and allow the motherboard to boot instantly with the iGPU from intel in UEFI.

This proving to not be a ''poorly socketed GPU issue'', or a ''PSU cable extender'' issue, or any user error whatsoever. I have read a lot of excuses or reasons for this problem to occur, but I have come to the conclusion it is, definitely, a GPU or MOBO issue.

Also running in CSM disables Re-bar, so AMD please fix this.


Hope this helps


Have the same issue with my PowerColor 7900XT and Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X. Adds 30 seconds to post. I've seen multiple motherboard bios updates since I've purchased the card. I've never seen a emergency patch GPU bios update from a manufacturer in my lifetime. Has anyone? I don't think this is getting fixed.



I don't want to sound negative, but I also don't think this is something that's ever going to be fixed, at least not fully. IMO, if they could, they would have by now. The same with high power draw on idle with multiple monitors. I read reddit threads that are 4 months old, where people kept optimistically claiming this is no big deal and AMD will get it addressed with a driver update in "a couple of weeks", and now, 4 months later, the issue is still there. I have a feeling it's just how those cards are. 


One of the bios updates I installed, exhibited a fix for certain Nvidia cards not posting. I was hopeful that the problem was related and might be addressed in that release. It was not.

Driver update cannot fix this. BIOS update is required for either GPU and/or motherboard.

Adept I

check you have memory context retraining on or off ( on for fast boots), I had an issue with the wrong ram ( even though it said it was EXPo compatible) swapped to the QVL memory modules ( only 2) and I have had no issues since.. I have the same cpu and a tuff 670e mobo. boots in on average 10 secs give or take a couple milli secs.. but its been very fast.

I also have the power colour red devil xtx..

Adept I


I have the same issue, long initialisation time (45 seconds) between power on and boot up BIOS screen with 7900XTX.

No such problem with my GTX 1080, it was very fast from cold start to bios boot up screen (and to windows login).

I have the latest BIOS and have tried to switch from UEFI to CSM, disable/enable fast boot and MSI fast boot, disable "above 4 gb ...something.. crypto mining (what is this??) and alot of other settings - no difference.


MSI Pro Z690-A Wifi DDR4, latest bios version: (7D25v1B)

i5 12600KF

Powercolor Hellhound 7900XTX

From AMD Adrenaline:

2022/11/21 04:35

Driverversion for AMD Windows

PSU: Seasonic Prime PX 1000, 1000W

Powercolor states on their homepage that they do not provide any bios-files (or updates?) due to voiding warranty if BIOS is changed.

If anyone can help I really appreciate it.

Thank you.


Information how I redcuced the boot initialization time can be found below in an answer to the Original Poster of the thread. BR //M

Adept I

Hi! I have had the same problem and wrote about it as a reply in this thread.
For info, I did two things and now the boot initialization time is down to 20 seconds until BIOS-text apperas (before 45 seconds).
No 1: I installed a new update to AMD Adrenaline, version 25.3.2.
No 2: I entered my BIOS and selected to load the "Default settings", then selected to "Save and reboot".
After this the improvement from 45 seconds to 20 seconds was there.
(I then adjusted my bios settings regarding fan curve, selecting XMP for MB RAM, no MSI-logo while booting and left other things unchanged.)
I hope these two steps can help other with the same problem.
Please let me know.

Adept I

Same issue here 

  • Radeon 7900 XTX
  • Intel i7 13700
  • MSI MAG Z790 Tomahawk DDR5

Escaping Nvidia's spell of 20 years, I was sooo happy. Unfortunately not so much now  

Adept II

I have a Sapphire 7900xtx Nitro with an MSI x570S Tomahawk Max Wifi and luckily I do do not have the long load times . Load times are basicly normal and quick , and I do use 3 ultrawide screens  ~ The only issue thus far with my change to the xtx is SAM (rebar) is not recognised by the AMD app even though its turned on in the bios .

the problems seems to be with Z Series as I understand it

Journeyman III

Hello sir, basically I had the same problem with my 7900xtx and found the solution. 
So what you need to do is to have 3 separate cables from your PSU to your GPU. Because 1 cable can provide only 150w and 7900xtx goes over 400w normally. 

You can thank me later


Thanks, but this isn't what is causing the issue.

Adept I

Well, after long time there still no clear response from AMD guys. Was trying to contact some of them directly, but got only another noob questions and advices...

The only solution for myself at the moment is to enable CSM support in mobo's bios settings. Mine is Gigabyte  Z690 ddr4. Also it's only works after latest BIOS updates.

But, enabling CSM support, Resizable bar and 4g above decoding stops to be functional anymore. Unfortunately I need these futures, If you don't just give a try.

Adept I

Maybe after CSM has been activated, have you checked the boot format/protocol of your hard drive? I had an issue when I had NTFS format and not EFI format on my boot hard drive and would almost boot loop because of bios looking for the wrong option, something to consider.

Journeyman III

I am unfortunately experiencing the same issue as many of you here.  I figured I would post to potentially increase visibility, although with how long this issue has been around, I'm not hopeful for a solution.  I have noticed that my boot to BIOS screen is increased by roughly 30 seconds with the GPU installed.  The VGA light sticks for the longest duration on boot.  Good news is I have no other issues otherwise.


  • MSI Z790 Pro-A Wifi
  • DDR5 6000 MHz Trident RAM
  • I9-13900K
  • Reference AMD 7900 XTX
  • M.2 (don't remember details) 1 TB boot, 2 TB secondary