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Journeyman III

7900 xtx vr

So I'm really close to getting my very first proper gaming PC ever. 

I have all the parts chosen, But I'm not sure about which GPU to get.  I want to get the 7900 xtx due to it being as or more powerful(and cheaper) than the 4080 in a lot of games expect for VR. I mostly just wanting to play vr chat (the headset I'm using is an oculus quest 2 with a cable)  and Iv read that the 7900 xtx can struggle in vr chat.

can anyone please give me some example of what their performance is currently with the 7900 xtx on vr chat?  and has it improved at all over time? 


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Adept III

DO NOT GET AMD FOR VR. Stick with NVIDIA. A 4080 will perform beautifully for you. There are hundreds of posts on Reddit and on the forums and in Google talking about how bad the 7900 GPU cards are for VR. Amd, after 6 months have STILL NOT fixed the VR performance for these cards, and who's to tell if they'll every figure it out.



Ik AMD isn't the best in VR,  but how does the 7900 xtx perform in VR chat(minus the video player bug) and is it worth the extra 200$ for the 4080 in that case?


Bro, just do your self a favour and get the NVIDIA. I upgraded from a 6800 xt to a 7900xt and in VR chat I was running 90fps with my 6800xt, and sometimes in rooms with a lot of people in it would drop here and there, but with my new 7900 xt, it never goes above 45fps, I've had to drop my super sampling by 40% to run 90fps again, but at this stage, everything is an absolute blurry mess so I don't even play VR anymore. I've tried selling my 7900 xt for 500 bucks cheaper than I bought it for and nobody wants it, so now I'm saving for a 4090 and I'm NEVER going back to amd.


I considered doing that with my XTX, could have even made the return window. Problem is in my country the shipping is really expensive plus the import fees, so I would easily lose $600 having to import a replacement card. My fault for not doing my homework on VR.

Sorry, deleted reply since comment i replied to was old.

Adept I

For me, the latest patch 23.7.1 fixed a lot of VR issues. Skyrim and Boneworks are running smoothly at 90 FPS (HP G2)

Nevertheless, Half-Life Alyx is not running well. Nothing changed with the latest patch, don't know why. I Hope AMD fixes this issue as 


I can explain why, If you are reaching your framerate Cap or 10% near your cap (in the g2 that is 90fps) your frametimes will be silky smooth and not have any apparent stuttering. Below that you will experience high frametime deltas due to the issue with rdna3 and have a horrid experience. HLA is probably harder to run and thus runs a bit more below then the framecap. Until they fix it i would suggest artificially limiting your fps in HLA using radeon chill to slightly below your average fps to have a smooth experience.

Thanks for your reply

I guess HLA is harder to run than Skyrim or Boneworks. Nevertheless, the difference is huge and befor the patch all games ran not great at all. To elaborate, I think Skyrim used to run at something like 60 to 70 FPS. After the Patch, it is a pinned 90 FPS.

HLA on the other hand is and was always at around 45-55 depending on the situation. This number did not change at all after the patch. I am a bit confused, why some games got a great uplift while others didn't get any boost at all.

I still think it should be fixable. If am not mistaken a 6900 xt gets easy the 90 FPS with a HP G2 in HLA, I expect a 7900 xtx to be better

I did find the solution to my problem. The issue was, that I set in fpsVR (a Software to monitor the performance) the resolution to 100% instead of Auto 150%

Setting it back to Auto solved my issue of not getting the expected performance (90 FPS)


Just noticed this yesterday when I set the frame rate in WMR settings to 60 hz. Made a massive difference in demanding games like MSFS.

At 90, I get smooth fps until I fly over a complex city, then it turns into a freezing mess. It's not like typical frame chugging, more like it's struggling to load data or something, where it's smooth for a half second, then freezes for a half second, on and off. 

Glad to hear adjusting per game helps, as it would suck to always have to switch back and forth between 60 and 90 hz, depending on the game...

Adept II

Don't know about VR but I love my XTX - what a pleasure. Like the "system" auto overclock -  I have a 7800 3D both auto overclocked - no muss no fuss.

Stable \ fast and beautiful. Don't ask me why just always liked the Radeon picture quality.