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Journeyman III

7900 xtx vertical orientation

Hi everyone, 

I have a 7900xtx MBA directly from AMD. 

My case (xproto) in its standard configuration has the GPU vertically with the I/O ports facing up. Unfortunately,  in this orientation, it seems like my vapor chamber is failing and I run (like many others) junc temp of 110 and thermal throttling.

I was wondering if this is expected based on the orientation or if my GPU is also suffering from the vapor chamber issues like others? Anybody have similar experience or knows something?



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Adept II

Just RMA it was not meant to be, personally i would take refund and go for a custom, AMD did an oopsie and we all make oopsies sometimes, but AMD can handle this much better eitherway they should not rely on customers to figure this out let alone YouTubers to communicate about these issues.

honestly 7900 series launch is doa and i do not mean dead on arival but damaged on arival by faulty vapor chambers or cards, AMD just needs to do right thing soon before its to late, and go the EVGA route not the gigabyte route.