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Adept II

Radeon software suggestion that makes sense

You could litterally make it so driver and software are updated seperatly as well as game optimisations, and only do driver update when there is a new branch.

Game optimisations could be updated seperatly even after months of launch to fix potential issues.

Software features could be updated by just updating the software.

While drivers can be updated for remaining issues.

And honestly whats up with the lack of game focused drivers these days and fixes, im patiently waiting to try out Valheim in vulkan however the driver that fixes it exclusive to 7900 series.

Drivers are also unstable, and on top of that i am missing a ton of game optimized drivers, we haven't even had one focused for world of warcraft which many users report gpu driver crashes and freezes and blackscreens from.

Im not hating on AMD but its hard to be positive when there are so many problems.

Maybe hire more software and driver engineers and QA so you can speed up the proces more, im regretting not purchasing an Nvidia gpu but at same time i do not regret it cos Nvidia cant even fix a 4 year old driver issue with world of warcraft, and its all over the forums.

Things are really awkward these days and frustating.

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