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Journeyman III

7800XT - VR - HTC Vive Link Not Detected

Edit with workaround : I was lucky that my old RTX card came with a MINI-DP to DP adapter. I was able to use my 3rd DP on my 7800xt, go through that adapter and into the link box and was able to detect the headset via the link box. Still does not work via HDMI cable, but through the mini-DP it works.


As many other users have reported, AMD gpus apparently completely fail to detect the 'Vive Link Box' which is essential for running their htc vives, in my case the original vive.

I had absolutely no issued on my RTX2070, but moving to the 7800xt it will fail to detect it, resulting in an unsolvable 208 error on the steam vr.

What I've tried:

  • Plugging HDMI for the vive directly into the gpu:
    • This resolved the issue, as others have reported.
    • After doing this, I was able to plug back into the link box and have SteamVR register that it was reconnected properly.
  • restarting steam vr or the headset killed the connection, and I had to plug directly into the gpu again, after which I could then connect back into the link box.

So basically, the HDMI port is not detecting the link box, but once it detects that it needs that port alive it starts working? maybe? I have no idea, but this is extremely frustrating.

System Specs:

  • windows 10 64 bit (fresh install, media downloaded in November 23)
  • x570 TUF + Wifi
  • 5900x
  • powercolor 7800xt red devil
  • drivers:


Sidenote: The 'labels'  section of this submission form is broken. It won't allow me to use any labels at all, and simply says that whatever i type is 'not available here'. Which then prompted me to get 'Post Flooding Prevention' when I tried a different set of labels. Come on......


While I'm waiting for my posting privileges, here are other threads with the same issue:

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Adept I

Looks like this might be my home for a while

Dug out my old original HTC Vive and connected it for the first time to my newish system with a RX 7900 XTX. Not the same as you, @RFBomb, but you describe similar issues to what I'm seeing. That and other AMD forum posts.

As you mentioned, for what the linkbox does (or doesn't do), it appears it can be circumvented. It was only when I plugged the HDMI cable from the HMD directly into my GPU, did Windows finally detect a second monitor. I truly thought I was onto something, but I continue to receive "A key component of SteamVR isn't working properly. Restart SteamVR (309)"

I may as well try a DP cable to the linkbox. God knows I've tried everything else!

edit: Haven't tried everything, will do this next:







Reverting to an older driver and swapping to a DP cable helped to fix my issue. Cheers.


How did you replace the HMI with DP? I put an HDMI to DP reducer on the HDMI cable that goes to the PC, which makes SteamVR work, but the glasses are black.

Thank you. 


I used a direct DP to mini DP cable. Your video card doesn't have DP ports?