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Adept III

7800 XT crashing with dual monitor setups (DP+HDMI = Green screen and system reboot)

Hey everyone,

I'm having a strange issue where the card will completely crash my system when i have two displays plugged in. My card is a Gigabyte 7800 XT GAMING OC 16GB. My main display is a 1080p 144hz monitor plugged through DisplayPort, and my secondary display is a 1080p 60hz monitor plugged through an HDMI connector. The crash happens when running games, at random times, and does not appear while stress testing; the main screen goes black, the secondary HDMI screen goes green for a few seconds, and the whole system reboots.

After speaking to several users online, i'm not the only one with this specific problem, as several users with this same monitor setup have the exact same issue. I am positive that the problem is the GPU, as i'm using a system that was completely stable for months otherwise before installing this GPU, and the problem disappears when i replace the 7800 XT with a GTX 1070.

Fixes i have tried:

  1. Changing my power supply to rule out power issues
  2. Disabling XMP
  3. Doing a clean driver reinstall several times, using DDU in safe mode and replacing the driver by both the 23.9.1 versions and the 23.9.3 versions, in full, minimal, or driver only installs (the crash persists in all of these scenarios)
  4. Disabling MPO
  5. Doing a complete clean reinstall of Windows
  6. Plugging the secondary monitor through an HDMI-DP adaptor
  7. Updating my motherboard BIOS to the latest version
  8. Plugging both monitors into the card in different ports (i tried all possible combinations)

None of these measures helped stop the crashes. The only thing that has actually worked to stop the crashes is using only my main DisplayPort monitor, that is to say, unplugging the HDMI monitor.

I'm looking to see if there are any other users here who are experiencing this issue, see if there is anything else i haven't thought of trying, and to maybe find out if this is a known issue that can be fixed by a driver update, or if i should return the card.

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Hopefully enough people are RMAing them to cause a blip on their radar.

No solution by AMD - The only solution i have found is running twe DP monitors.

Journeyman III

I believe i know the solution as stated by some in the thread already 

I recently got a new GPU (Sapphire NITRO+ 7800xt) and ive had the same issues as many others here where my GPU would crash while running dual monitors or at times green screen, it would crash almost immediately if i enabled the game replay/record setting 

My current monitor setup is one uses a DP (144hz)  and the other can only use HDMI/VGA (144hz) its older so im stuck with HDMI (60hz) i disabled my 2nd monitor and ran with only one (the display port one) and everything ran fine no crashes and i could even enable the record setting with 0 issues in game 

I borrowed my brothers monitor (MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD 27) aka a more newer monitor that uses a DP and used it with my current main one (DP) and ran into 0 issuses   

TLDR Solution: get a new monitor that supports DP if u plan to run dual monitor setup otherwise running 1 will prevent crashes OR use a HDMI 2.2-2.3? this im not sure of as i havent tested myself but what i have tested is that a DP/HDMI hybrid DOESNT WORK (atleast for me) and a regular old HDMI, double display ports was the fix for me

So if youre reading this do a test of running single monitor (display port) instead of dual (the one using HDMI) also try enabling the game replay/recording setting while youre testing and see how it goes (assuming we have the same issues ofc)

Adept I

Small update: i reinstalled windows from scratch. I also updated BIOS. I didnt installed Adrenalin, just the drivers. That was 2 days ago, and since then I havent had a single crash.

Ill keep updating IF the system crashes again.

Update: Still no crashes, HOWEVER, today the system semi-glitched and i dont know if was the system trying to crash and then recovering or it was just a one time thing. Ill keep reporting lol




I did the same, i uninstalled adrenalin last week, and so far not a single crash, i might just be lucky tho

Adept I

I'm RMAing the card, after a few days my card is still crashing even when set at 2430MHz and Adrenaline software running. Tired of this sh**, and AMD don't care, buying a 4070ti right away.

Journeyman III

Same situation, this thing was reported months ago but seems like AMD just doesn´t care. Every day that passes I start regretting more that I didn't go with nvidia, maybe I will just return this and get the 4070 ti at this point, tsk.

Thanks for the posts. Just to confirm we are looking into these reports. I'll be back to update the discussion when I have any additional updates to share. 

Hey Matt.


I had created a thread on reddit with over 150 replies with this exact same issue. It also shows a video of the issue. Many people seem to be having this problem, and nothing seems to help.

For your reference, here’s the link to my post.

Please keep us posted. The most frustrating part of all of this has been the lack of communication or acknowledgment from AMD. Many of us, including myself, have bought a brand new gpu that has encountered nothing but problems since day 1.


Thanks Matt for responding


I hope its still getting investigated because we need at least a small Update. Should we wait till the next drivers Update or is there a workaround? Because it is really Frustrating 




Hey Matt, thanks for this message. It is a messy issue since it seems clear that some people are getting black screen crashes on cold boots, random black screen crashes, and some green screen crashes related to this DP+HDMI issue. I hope AMD can get some of these issues fixed relatively soon.

Adept I

i have switched both output to DPs and seems to be working okay but just now the AMD software crashed by itself when i was away from the computer for awhile. What happens next was that when i started playing games, the games will stutter from time to time. Im starting to think this is not just the issue with the display card but also the AMD softwares/drivers. Really disappointed with the product, like i said before, can't believe it's still happening in 2023 

Edit: the stuttering still exists after rebooting, i had to reinstall the display card driver to fix the issue, that being said, dont think i would ever consider using any AMD products again. 

Journeyman III


as everyone else here, I got the same problem. My System: R9 3900x with B550A-Gaming (Asus) + Asus RX 7800xt (white edition) + 16 GB 3600Mhz + 1440p DP + 1080p HDMI (green/black screen behaviour) . Did troubleshoot a bit on my own, and talked to a freind, did driver reinstall etc. yesterday I tried something new, I deinstalled Adrenalin and cleaned all AMD drivers for graphics with DDU, then I restarted the PC and went to Windows Updates, it showed me an 7800xt driver or just Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) driver , so I installed only this driver. For now I did not run into this problem again, just had minor performance decreases like some small lags, but seems to work fine for now, maybe really just a driver issue in Adrenalin. 

I´ll keep you guys updated if it crashes again!


This worked for me too, however while the system dont crash it seems to try lol a game would freeze and the buzzing sound from the headphones will appear for a fraction of a second before continuing to run as if nothing happened. But yes, at least the system dont reboot lol

Adept I

Hi, everyone,

I'm also having a similar problem: I have a Sapphire PULSE RX 7800 XT 16GB and I have two monitors connected via Display Port: one is a Gigabyte M28U 4k 144hz and the other an older Dell U2410, 1080p at 60hz. My crashes cause a grey screen on the main monitor (Gigabyte) but the computer seems to continue working, but it's frozen so I have to reboot.

They are very infrequent and usually happen when I'm not gaming, just when I'm doing something simple with the desktop - copying files or word processing, and apparently random. So it seems it's not a question of taxing the system, but I can't understand what's causing them. They're really infuriating because you lose everything you were doing. It's like having a time bomb in your system.

The thing is that I have dual boot with Windows and Linux Pop Os. And the same exact problem happens with both systems: sudden crash with a grey screen. So it seems it's not a Windows only related problem. With Windows I'm using the latest drivers with Adrenaline and with Linux I'm using the Mesa drivers.

After reading all the posts, I can't tell if this is related to the hardware or to the drivers. I checked Sapphire website, and I couldn't find any BIOS update. I'll write to them as well.

I still haven't tried to use only a monitor to see if the issue doesn't happen. I'll try that soon. I also want to connect both monitors to the motherboard display port and hdmi to see to make sure that the problem is with the Graphic card (but many people already said that changing the cards solves the issue, so...)

To try to help, here go my full system specs:
MotherASRock X670E Steel Legend + AMD Ryzen 7 7700X + Corsair 64GB (2x32GB) 6200MHz CL32 Vengeance + Corsair RMx Shift 850W Plus Gold + Sapphire PULSE RX 7800 XT 16GB

Hope this gets solved soon!



I uninstalled Adrenaline as others said could be the issue, and so far it's been a week and it's working fine, but since you're running windows and linux maybe it's something else for you, doesn't hurt to try tho.

Atleast AMD is aware of that now, maybe they'll be able to fix it if it's only driver/software related 


Yeah it definitely appears to be an issue with adrenaline drivers. I ran DDU, then installed drivers only from here( and haven't had a single crash in weeks. Before doing so i was encountering green screen crashes mutiple times a day. It has also resolved a lot of issues with random stuttering and artifacting as well.


Hi, same here not a single crash since DDU and installing only the drivers.

However sometimes the system tries to crash. And I say try, because it doesnt, the game freezes and the strange sounds appears just like when the system crashes, but instead of rebooting, it recovers and I can keep playing.

Journeyman III

I have the same issue, biggest mistake to buy amd products... main monitor DP 2k 165 hz and second monitor 1080 HDMI 75 hz. I hope amd will do something about this issue i'm sure is driver related

Journeyman III

Having similar issues... Only on monitor on DP, still happens. Tried everything OP tried and more, I am sure. Issues started after upgrading GPU to a 7800xt.

system built in 2021, used an old 1060 from previous rig. Upgraded to 7800xt and problems began.
R5 5600x - BIOS 5003, tried previous versions.
NZXT Kraken x73
Asus Rog x570E 
Superflower leadex iii 850w gold
2x16GB 3600Mhz cl16 Corsair LPX
Windows 10 Home
Kingston NVME's 500GB and 2000GB
Formerly GTX 1060 3GB - No issues whatsoever

Clean install, various driver versions, tried different ram kits, used someone elses system drive, same issue. I have a friends 1000w PSU I can try next but I feel 850w gold should have already been over the mark for my system.

Some games give the same behaviour listed here, other games crash to desktop. None had any issues on the 1060.

I actually sent my GPU for RMA and they said they were unable to reproduce the error in stress tests.

I am desperate for a fix this has literally destroyed my mental health... Bought the 7800xt so I could game at high frame rate again and not have to have everything on low. Instead I get a completely unstable system, and games crash completely.

I would literally rather run my 1060 at this point. 

Journeyman III

well... update on my post:

I´ve had a crash after like 12 hours of runtime. I think the standard drivers help a bit but it´s a deeper problem. The crashes were definetly more frequent before, and less with the windows driver but it still crashed.

cya guys

Journeyman III

Guys, until they fix the issue try installing the 23.9.1 driver not the newest version.I run this version and so far in 2 days i only got a minicrash like 3 seconds black screen without restarting  the pc!

I'm positive at this point the issue is within the driver for adrenaline software. Before doing this I was encountering green screens multiple times a day and after doing this I have not had a green screen in weeks. Make sure you use the exact driver I have listed here.

To fix run DDU in safe mode and uninstall all Nvidia/AMD graphic drivers and reboot.
After reboot, install only drivers from here, select "Drivers Only" on install.
DO NOT INCLUDE ADRENALINE SOFTWARE, if you go to fast you will miss it, it is selected by default to install Adrenaline on the very first screen with selectable drivers, make sure you hit the drop down and select "Drivers Only" then continue through the rest of install as normal.

Now enjoy your game, AMD is now aware and are looking into fixes.
Hopefully we will be able to use Adrenaline again at some point.
Gotta love AMD, 

Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. Tried these instructions exactly but still encounter black screens.

Tbh I have only encountered green screen crashes when in VR and this driver works for me. I tried this particular driver with adrenaline installed as well and have not experienced a crash.  I tested the latest driver for 7800xt and boom i started crashing in vr again, rolledback to this driver again from device manger and it is good again. My best recommendation would be to keep trying their old drivers until you find one that is more stable with your build. I hoped this would work for all of you, but it seems as always this problem is inconsistent.

Tried this Driver but unfortunately didnt work. I can reproduce the crash. Cities Skyline 2 on monitor 1 works fine for hours but if i open youtube on the 2. monitor my system crashes in minutes

I give AMD a chance till the next driver, hope it get fixed.

Adept I

*sigh* yesterday, I had a grey screen crash with only one monitor connected to the display port, after four days of using it normally (6-9 hours a day) with work and gaming (Elden Ring, Doom). I was using Linux (Pop OS) and I was just listening to music on Spotify and was about to open a folder, when the screen went grey. I could still hear the music playing, then it started stuttering and the computer rebooted itself. And today, some minutes ago, I had another crash using Windows, watching a YouTube video. So my issue is not related to a dual monitor setup.


Sadly there seems to be multiple different crash causes for different people - In my case it had to do with DP+HDMI but many have found in this thread that their crashes are caused by different issues and solved by different solutions. It sounds like yours might be more akin to crashes caused by hardware accelerated programs like web browsers, Spotify, or Apple Music.

Have you tried messing with disabling hardware acceleration for some of these applications?

Adept I

Same here with my new 7800XT (ASRock Challanger). I can run benchmarks and games for hours BUT if i open youtube on the 2nd monitor i get green screen and reboot in minutes. I tested other RAM,CPU,PSU and my old RX590 but the reboots only happen with the 7800XT. I use DP>HDMI and HDMI>HDMI. Lower power limit didnt help. Cities skylines 2 is running for hours but if i open youtube on the 2nd display the reboot will happen in minutes. This needs to be fixed with the next driver if not my card will go back to the vendor and i am forced to "change sides" after 20 years


You are in exactly the situation i was in - The only thing that managed to solve the problem is to use two DP monitors sadly.  I honestly think these cards should be returned. The only reason i didn't return mine was because i was too tired of troubleshooting and dealing with issues - and i found a stable way to use my setup.

Adept I

Got the same problem. I tried every solution on the internet but nothing worked.. its really Frustrating because it is the first time i build a PC. I really hope AMD can fix that with an Software Update or atleast acknowledge the problem.. 

If you have the option to do so, i would recommend returning your card if you are still getting crashes after trying the solutions you have found. If you can't, at least i can offer some words of encouragement:

I was in this same situation when i bought my Ryzen 5 5600X on launch - There was a strange issue with the processor crashing at idle with some features turned on, i even made a thread exactly like this one. It took months but it was eventually fixed through an AGESA microcode update. I'm hoping this is a similar situation.

Thanks for your encouragement. The only thing i can still try ist using two DP Cables. Because i have one DP Monitor and one with HDMI. Maybe thats whats causing issues. 

Anyway lets hope the next drivers Update will fix that Problem or at least they acknowledge it. 



Adept I

ASRock RX7800XT Phantom Gaming 16GB OC

The same story. I left 2 monitors and removed the adrenaline. Testing it like this now

Adept I

ASRock RX7800XT Phantom Gaming 16GB OC

The same story. I left 2 monitors and removed the adrenaline. Testing it like this now

Journeyman III


I have the same problem, i'm trying to use a single monitor with DP right now.

Did you try this command "verifier /standard /all" which test drivers ? 

With this command On, i never had a single crash.. but my PC becomes slow..


Adept I

Single Monitor doesnt help. There is huge problem and we need info from AMD now. The forums (not only here) are full of people with broken cards!

Adept I

EDIT1 : I am currently running 24 hours without any crash with one DP 144hz monitor. System seems stable, no errors in event viewer so far. This is the longest I went without the crash since the issue started. It is interesting because when the card arrived I used 1x DP 1440p 144hz 1x HDMI 1080p 60hz and sometimes 4k TV via 2.1 HDMI cable. Until around 2 weeks ago I didn't have such issue. If this type of crash is really caused by second HDMI monitor and other people have it (many topics on reddit or here for example) I would expect AMD to atleast announce it. I spent 2 weeks of my time trying to find out what is wrong.


Thank you for posting this. I spent around 2 weeks trying to find a solution. I am using Sapphire NITRO+ AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT 16GB.

I was using 2 monitors. 1x DP 144hz and 1x HDMI 60hz. The issue did not appear instantly after first installation. Card was installed on 06.10. with current drivers. (full installation AMD Adrenaline). The issue started about 2 weeks ago. It is happening in different ways but timing is random (can happen in 5 minutes or 24 hours). 

First option -> first monitor (DP) turns black/gray and second monitor turns green, sound starts "buzzing" like it is lagged and then after few seconds stops

Second option -> both screens just freeze, same issue with sound, sometimes when I wait for a while, screens again turn black/gray/green

If I try to start pc again, sometimes the screen does not even work so it takes multiple restarts to get it working again. After I get into Windows/safe mode I see in device manager that the device is disabled/there is problem with device, sometimes I get an error that driver couldn't be loaded, I also tried to open Adrenaline software after crash and I got information that it is not compatible with my HW. In event viewer sometimes there is fatal error - processing core - already described in this topic, sometimes there is error about driver crashing and being successfully restored, sometimes there is nothing just information about unexpected shutdown.

These facts made it really hard to troubleshoot. I will list what I tried :

2x clean Windows reinstall, 1x pop os installation

different versions of drivers (versions + also types of installation)

blocking Windows driver updates (group policy + register + disabling device installation settings) - I have read something about Windows replacing drivers, THIS IS NOT THE CASE

AMD Cleanup utility + DDU (everytime)

BIOS update

resetting BIOS settings

memory check, disk check, stress tests

+ other random solutions I found on internet which I can't remember now

Nothing resolved the issue. I noticed that after crash the next crash happens faster (if I do not use AMD cleanup utility + DDU). For example it also happened in safe mode or BIOS screen (didn't do AMD clean up or DDU yet).

I switched from 1070ti system, CPU is 5800x3D, 32 GB RAM with 750w (EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G3) which was stable for years without any issues. When I put 1070ti back in, system runs flawless. 

Now I am testing your solution, to just use one DP monitor, will let you know the result.

Investing 620 euro for a graphics card which is not working is terribly and I probably won't turn to AMD again. However I hope this issue gets resolved because my pc is currently unusable with AMD graphics card.



any crashes since then? 

Because i tried it myself but sadly i still have crashes

It is time for AMD to share an Statement

@Matt_AMD we need an Answer its extremely frustrating. First time switched to AMD and i only got issues since then.