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Adept III

7800 XT crashing with dual monitor setups (DP+HDMI = Green screen and system reboot)

Hey everyone,

I'm having a strange issue where the card will completely crash my system when i have two displays plugged in. My card is a Gigabyte 7800 XT GAMING OC 16GB. My main display is a 1080p 144hz monitor plugged through DisplayPort, and my secondary display is a 1080p 60hz monitor plugged through an HDMI connector. The crash happens when running games, at random times, and does not appear while stress testing; the main screen goes black, the secondary HDMI screen goes green for a few seconds, and the whole system reboots.

After speaking to several users online, i'm not the only one with this specific problem, as several users with this same monitor setup have the exact same issue. I am positive that the problem is the GPU, as i'm using a system that was completely stable for months otherwise before installing this GPU, and the problem disappears when i replace the 7800 XT with a GTX 1070.

Fixes i have tried:

  1. Changing my power supply to rule out power issues
  2. Disabling XMP
  3. Doing a clean driver reinstall several times, using DDU in safe mode and replacing the driver by both the 23.9.1 versions and the 23.9.3 versions, in full, minimal, or driver only installs (the crash persists in all of these scenarios)
  4. Disabling MPO
  5. Doing a complete clean reinstall of Windows
  6. Plugging the secondary monitor through an HDMI-DP adaptor
  7. Updating my motherboard BIOS to the latest version
  8. Plugging both monitors into the card in different ports (i tried all possible combinations)

None of these measures helped stop the crashes. The only thing that has actually worked to stop the crashes is using only my main DisplayPort monitor, that is to say, unplugging the HDMI monitor.

I'm looking to see if there are any other users here who are experiencing this issue, see if there is anything else i haven't thought of trying, and to maybe find out if this is a known issue that can be fixed by a driver update, or if i should return the card.

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Adept II

I'd like to confirm that I'm still experiencing double black screen and then system restart crashes using the latest drivers (23.11.1).

I've contacted Sapphire who palmed it off to AMD saying it sounds like a driver issue. Well - This is the fourth crash I've reported to AMD.

I've also contacted the seller of the card to see if I can return it and get store credit because I'm at the end of my teather.


I hoped the new driver would fix it, but yeah it seems they're not aware or have not found the issue yet


have you tried to manually set the freq of the gpu in the amd software?  since setting it to 2300 i have not crashed once 

I'll give that a go. Thanks for the suggestion.

Ill give this a shot with mine also and report back if its stable for a while. Please keep us updated and let us know if you crash again even with the lower frequency. Really hoping this is the fix! 

Adept I

Same issue here, DP+HDMI GBT270D+SAM0D92 monitors.

It crashes at windows start or randomly during the day, green screen on hdmi connected monitor.

I'm running tests with furmark because it crashed once during a test.

Amd Freesync OFF made no difference.

I'll keep you updated.

At least for my case i have been running two DP displays for a few weeks now and the problem has disappeared. I'm running FreeSync on, and miss-matched resolutions and refresh rate (one monitor is 1440p 165hz, the other is 1080p 144hz), and i even went back to my original 700W power supply. The crashes have completely ceased, so i have confirmed that at least for my particular case it was just using the HDMI ports that caused the crashes.

Hey, I dont know how long that will last for, i have 2x DP and a 7900xt. lost one screen the other day and have not found a solution to getting it back. all of the ports work fine by themselves. what firmware are you running?


I think I've solved the issue.

I have a XFX Speedster MERC 319 Radeon RX 7800 XT BLACK Edition 16GB GDDR6 and with default settings in Adrenaline software max freq was 2565MHz when AMD itself says max freq is 2430MHz ( so I lowered it to meet the specifications and no more crashes in FurMark whatsoever

This has worked for me so far over the last 24 hours. I've downlocked max frequency to 2300Mhz (91%) via the custom profile in Adrenalin. @BraveKiwi can you try this?


hey, any update? Is it working?


So far it has been stable with the lower clock. Except for this morning where I had the usual black-screen-reset crash. I suspect Adrenalin didn't load properly to apply the tuning settings with the lower clock speed.

Last night I did have several non-fatal crash to desktops in Sea of Thieves which caused Adrenalin to restore the default tuning profile. While it was on default I experienced the black-screen-reset crash we're all here about.

So, it's looking promising... but currently inconclusive as to whether this is a fix for everyone. I am still following this issue eagerly.


I just saw your comment, sorry for this taking so long. Downclocking my card did not fix my original issue, y only managed to work around it by not using the HDMI port.

Journeyman III

Always report the bug in the adrenaline software after the crash and list what happened. Adrenaline--settings--system--issue reporting. Yeah don't know unless they see alot of reports.


On my update, setting adrenaline to default (which puts the clock speed down) has worked for me. 3 hours of gaming total yesterday and it's been fine

Mine was already at default and it happened anyways lol welp, hope they fix it soon

the default clock speed for me on the software is 2600 which is way overclocked 


When I enter Custom tuning mode, Max Frequency (Mhz) at 100%. Enabling Advanced Control shows this as 2515Mhz.

Now, I presume the Default profile uses 100% for the Max Frequency? If this is true, then my default profile is above the specified boost clock for my card, 2475Mhz, by 40Mhz.

I've had good experiences so far down-rating this to 2300Mhz (91%) as advised in another reply. If this streak of stability continues, I will slowly notch it up to the specification.

Journeyman III


I had the same problem with my new 7800 XT Hellhound plugged to my Samsung C24FG73 using DP and BenQ XL2411T using HDMI.

Ramdom crashes with green screen on the BenQ and so on. I uninstalled the GPU drivers using DDU, rebooted and reinstalled them in "driver only" mode and so far, not a single crash happened again. I suggest you guys try the same.

Even OC seems to work with afterburner rather than adrenaline. I'll report again if any other crash occurs.


Hey, any update?


No crashes happened when I was using driver only installation. Out of curiosity, I tried installing Adrenalin in minimal mode and only turned on radeon chill.

2 crashes on 2 separate days. So I turned off radeon chill yesterday and no crash since. Therefore, I'll continue using this configuration until another crash happens... maybe ?

At the same time, I am testing OC on my gpu and could achieve 2750MHz on core, 2600MHz on memory with -75mV undervolt.

The strange thing I observed is before crashing, the core clock will boost very high, more than specified and then the crash happens. I don't know why the freq just goes bonkers like this.

as of today i also get green screen crashes using only a single display connected through DP using the 23.11.1 driver.


Have you tried the undeclock fix?


not yet but i will try that next


it did not work
it just crashed again, with only a single monitor connected and underclocked


honestly thinking about returning it and getting a 4070 instead

i heard the state of AMD drivers is bad, but holy hell is this a **bleep**show


Just curious .. replaced what PSU with what PSU? The 7800XT hits your power supply a bit differently and harder than a GTX1070 (obviously) .. and on the surface appears to be a power draw problem of some sort. Power issues are not necessarily when under load .. it could just be inconsistent power something like the GPU expecting one thing and not getting it so just says .. "Nope"

Generally good practice to run separate power cables from the power supply to each power input on your GPU

Be sure to install latest chipset drivers for your platform from or (not manufacturer's site)

Are you running any kind of cable extenders INSIDE your case? .. PCIe riser cable or custom modded power cables ..etc

My daughter runs the Gigabyte RX6800 Gaming OC w/ 2 x 24" ASUS 1080p 144hz, 1ms matching monitors via DP cable. It's been a great card for her. I used Gigabyte's software to look for and surprisingly found a vBIOS update for it.. sorry you're having issues with your 7800XT

I run the ASRock 7900XT PG OC .. I was running an ASUS 1080p 27" 60hz (secondary) via DP and my main display was a 27" Samsung 1440p 144hz, 4ms monitor via HDMI.. both without issues. I've since replaced the ASUS with an ASRock 27" curved 1440p 165hz, 1ms via DP and made it my main .. still no issues. AM5 setup with a Corsair HX1200 (way overkill I know) .. I also run a UPS on all of the setups in my home

I wish I could get my hands on a 7800XT just to test different configurations between AM4 and AM5 rigs that myself, my wife and my daughter runs. 

..or have people chime in with their configurations that don't have any issues with their 7800xt's as well as those that do


ThreeDee PC specs

You're saying that you have a 7900 XT, but it's not even the same card, as everyone here has the issue with, and it seems to be the 7800 XT as a whole that has this issue, not a brand in particular


yes .. I know, lol

ThreeDee PC specs

Absolutely not though. Many users reported same problem on 7900XT and others gpus from AMD (6950XT).


Just saw your post, i'm sorry for the delay.

I replaced it with a Corsair RM850x, so i'm fairly certain it isn't a power issue (specially since not using the HDMI port fixed the problem).

I was already running separate cables to my GPU.

Latest drivers were installed.

I was and am not runnning any cable extenders.

I do think you might be on to something regarding power delivery and the recommended PSU specs that has been made for the 7800XT though. It might not have been my particular case but i have run into enough cases of people with similar issues that got fixed by a PSU upgrade that it seems to be an issue as well. 

Adept II

Mini update. I've replaced my aging ASUS X370 Pro motherboard with an MSI B550-A Pro.

I took the opportunity to re-install Windows and try running just the driver without Adrenalin. The black-screen-restart crash occurred.

I then re-installed Adrenalin and downclocked my GPU to 2300Mhz which I had success with prior to the motherboard swap. I had another black-screen-restart crash this morning while idle, but I'm not sure whether Adrenalin saved my tuning options between boots (maybe I'm fooling myself and the crashing still happens at that lower clock?)

Happened again this morning while Adrenalin was open showing 2300Mhz.

I'm getting this card RMA'd. I'm spending way too much time troubleshooting for it to be worth it.

Adept II

Guys : what critical errors you get in Windows event viewer ? Mine is 41 IIRC.


I believe 41 is a generic "your computer turned off improperly".  Which is expected after a sudden shutdown.  Unfortunately it doesnt seem like anything useful is written to the log.  (Probably BECAUSE its a reboot)

Adept I

oh im glad ive come up here to check if it's the issue with 7800xt, cause i have also built a new system with 7800xt just a few weeks ago and have been getting black screens with games like Holdfast Nations at War and Dishonored 2. Ran Furmark for an hour, both GPU and CPU temps were good, also played starfield for 2 hours and no issue at all. AMD please find out what's going on and fix the issue, it's my first time getting a full AMD build and im really frustrated with the results, it's already 2023 and i cant believe it's still a constant thing to happen. 
Reading through the comments im also starting to think if it's because im rocking a HDMI + DP dual monitor setup. 
Display card: asrock 7800xt challenger

CPU: Ryzen 7900x 

PSU: 850 watts corsair SF-L

Motherboard : MSI B650i edge wifi 

Also im not really familiar with computer and really worried about the hardwares' conditions with all the reboots and reset that i had to do to try to fix up the issues. NOT A GOOD SIGN 


Yeah, the problem its just random, so it must be something with the drivers, because it doesnt happen when googling, only when gaming I believe. Also it doesnt happen with stress test or with heavy load, it just happens, at any moment really lol


My wife has had it googling and using photoshop.  It has NEVER once triggered during benchmarking.  I wonder if her chrome is set to use hardware acc.

Journeyman III

GPU : Ryzen RX 7800 XT Sapphire Nitro+

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x

PSU: Corsaire RM750e  ---> Corsair RM1000x

Motherboard : ASRock  b450m pro4-f

RAM : G.Skill 32 Gb DDR4 3600

Monitor 1 : Playstation 1080p 60 HDMI/HDMI ----> LG Ultragear 27 1440p 144 DP/DP

Monitor 2 : Samsung 1080p 60 DP/HDMI ---> DP/DP

I just upgraded my GPU, RAM and PSU. At first i had green screens everytime i was gaming and selected something on my second screen. I decided to upgrade my PSU again for a 1000w gold, the green screen were way less frequent but still happened every now and then but not under the same "automatic" circonstances. I received my new monitor today and connected both of them with DP, only had one crash in 6 hours of gaming. Seems like there might be more than one issue with this stupid card. Seriously thinking about returning it before its too late. The fact that we have 0 communications from AMD or any manufacturers about this issue is alarming. 

Adept I

Green screen in the app AutoCAD 2018, Tekla structures 2020, Autodesk Revit 2020.
This happens once every two days.In these applications, the load on the video card does not exceed 30 percent, this can also happen when surfing the Internet.

AMD 5600X 
ASRock's Radeon RX 7800 XT Phantom Gaming
16gbx2  G SKILLZ Trident Z 3200 XMP

MON 1 60hz 1080p (HDMI)
MON2  165hz 1080p (DPI)

AMD commented on the situation?


Absolutely not. We are all waiting for it.

considering this issue was first raised a month ago does not make me optimistic that they ever will