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Journeyman III

6950XT Black Screens intermittently

Hey all

Just built a new PC using the AMD Reference 6950XT. I have a Corsair RM850x also

During games intermittently the screen will go black. I can still hear music playing behind.

I checked event viewer and can see these attached

Screenshot 2022-10-01 172312.pngScreenshot 2022-10-01 172329.pngScreenshot 2022-10-01 172350.pngScreenshot 2022-10-01 172400.pngScreenshot 2022-10-01 172408.png

I have to totally restart. The monitor is still on as i can see its getting a signal its just totally black.

I've tried googling the event viewer messages but without much luck. I'm on the latest drivers version and i've updated my motherboards BIOS as well as all my drivers.

Im using DDR5 6000 RAM via XMP.

I've ordered a 1000W PSU just in case that was the problem.

Any ideas?

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Journeyman III

When this happens, are you by chance watching a video on a browser? 

This has been the case for me!

Adept II

It's a driver issue, as far as I know it's been happening to many others since 22.5.1, maybe even before.

If you have anything running in the background (browser, discord, etc) try disabling hardware acceleration completely, it doesn't solve it for everyone but worth trying.

Just to make sure you understand, it will only stop when AMD fix their drivers.


I had this problem for a while too.

The fix for me was to uninstall Adrenaline and reinstall with " Minimal " or " Driver Only " instead of " Full Install "

My left screen sometimes still flickers off, but it pops back on after ~2 seconds which is worlds better than having to restart/tinker around every time it happens

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I did the same, no black screen for now, hope it solves it

Adept II

i am on 22.10.3 now after (disable MPO&Restart) no more blackscreen ps,browser or camera raw last 1 week (uptime 10day)


Few possibilities. 
1) MPO related issues
Can be fixed with registry edit via key

2) Bad DisplayPort cable and/or cable connection, can cause interference. And as AMD GPU uses direct display output (Nvidia use virtual plane cloning), interference will cause either color artifacts, black screen flickering or display losing connection. With increasing resolution/refresh rate/color depth interference will affect output more. 
Flickering Issues With AMD GPUs? We've Got You Covered! Driver Settings And Choosing Proper Cables -...
Solution. Reconnect both GPU and monitor side. Try different, more quality cable.

3) PCI-E rizer. Bad connection or bad quality PCI-E rizers can cause GPU to randomly miss data causing black screen problems. 
Reports of direct GPU connection to motherboard helping for a person.


There are also another troubleshooting steps, in this message, and this video. I hadn't looked on video, but message seems appropriately helpful, even though less related to black screen as an issue, and more of a global performance.

Adept I

Bump. This issue is also present in the 6580 XT graphics adaptor present in the Lenovo Legion 7 laptops.


Attempting to remedy the solution by disabling MPO vis registry edit: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Dwm]


Good day!

Try disabling the Xbox game bar overlay. Or delete it along with the Xbox game bar itself.

In order to uninstall Game Bar from Windows 11 or Windows 10, you need to run PowerShell as an administrator and run the following command: Get-AppxPackage *xbox* | Remove-AppxPackage

Create a windows restore point before uninstalling