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Adept I

6900 XT serious issues.

I just purchased a 6900 XT from AMD, and it was delivered Tuesday.  I put it in my PC and did a fresh install by using DDU.

Went to load up my favorite game (Apex) and noticed my framerate at 1440p was sitting at 40-50fps.  I also noticed that the gpu was bouncing around like crazy.  In the drop ship my gpu usage was pretty much always at 100% but was seen going from over 2.5ghz to under 500mhz while still displaying 100% usage.  Figuring maybe it was my riser cable, I tried it directly in the motherboard (B550-i) and it didn't change.  I have it set to Gen3 mode in my bios because I use a riser cable.  

While looking through the AMD software, I noticed the "current bus settings was PCIe 3.0 x1"  Remounted the GPU and it switched to X2, then X1, then X4, then X8, then X1.  It kept changing every time I mounted the GPU.  But never got to X16 after trying over 10 times.  

Figuring maybe it was a motherboard issue, I tried it on a different PC.  The same issue was happening.  X1, X4, X2, X1 etc.

My specs are 5600x, Strix b550-i (lastest bios), freshly installed windows 10, 16gb ddr4 4000(tried with and without XMP), 750w Gold rated PSU (using 2 separate PSU cables)

I am assuming there is an issue with the card, but does anyone have any suggestions for what I could try?  I submitted a warranty request via AMD's form on the site yesterday and am still waiting for a response.




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AMD ruled it was DOA.


It took a month, but I got a replacement.

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Adept III

If you only connected one cable from your power supply to your graphics card then try to connect two cables instead of one.

You did not write anything about how big your power supply is, but personaly i can run the 6900xt and 5900x cpu with a 750w power supply ( but i have a 1000w installed now )   the graphics card use about 260watt and the cpu "guess" 100watt and then your harddrives and usb and other stuff uses some power too.

Also you can try to connect two power cables to your moterboards 12v connetors.. Dont worry it wont hurt your computer if you connect both 12v 4 and 8 pin power connectors to the top corner of your motherboard.. The 4 pin is only used to give a little extra boost if you overclock it is actual enough to only connect the 8pin connector.. But you can try.

Els try to reinstall the drivers for the 6900xt and during install you can select to "factory reset" the drivers/program.. its a little test you click and then it popup a menu..  alternative you can do the same inside of the radeon software.

Also check that the fans on the graphics cards is spinning ( also check cpu and other stuff, it can be you pulled out a cable while you installed your graphics card and when a computer get hot then it slow down to protect itself.

Also you can try to remove your graphics card and insert it again.. put your hand on the back of your motherboard when you push in the graphics card typical you can hear a click when its in 100%.. 
( turn off power to your pc when you do this, or disconnect the cable to the computer. )

And use a HDMI cable in the back of your pc  rather than a display cable. ( as a test )

ps.. I dont know how well the game Apex run, but i can tell you in hitman 3 i get 133fps when i set the radeon software to "standard profile"  ( about 1 year ago radon software had issues if you selected gaming or esport profiles.. dont know if it still apply )   ( i think that there is some kind of fps cap at 133fps in the radeon software, no matter what game i play it stop at 133 )

pps.. super pro tip... If you by any chance have bought a new power supply THEN NEVER REUSE THE OLD CABLES FROM THE OTHER POWER SUPPLY WITH YOUR NEW POWER SUPPLY..  the cables inside might be connected different and bad things can happen     AND never use any cpu metal paste in your pc... it can short out your pc and destroy your hardware..
i tried that in the past ;-(

It was 2 separate cables from the PSU, and its a 750w gold PSU.  The second PC I tried where the problem repeated itself is a 650w. 

I reinstalled drivers using DDU, and it didn't change so then I reinstalled windows yesterday, didn't change.

My motherboard only has 1 8 pin connection for the CPU.  

GPU fans spin no problem, CPU fan spinning no problem (cpu doesnt go over 60c, under load)

Tried both HDMI and Displayport.

For reference, I came from a 3070 and it was pretty much always over 144fps.  Was hoping to make the jump shortly to ultrawide 144 hence the upgrade.


Set V sync off in games, iI had the same problem 



 They will tell you that you did not know how to install the software...

This whole situation has been a Nightmare from Hell!! I am done trying to upgrade my PC, I have tried multiple PSU's and I am on the latest adrenalin drivers with my RX480, The 6900XT should be plug and play.. I am not switching from Nvidia to AMD or Vice Versa.. I can't believe I can't do something as simple as swap out a GPU!! I am done!! My friends are having a way better time with a console and a nice TV than I am with $5000 dollars worth of PC Parts bugs and crap!!! I am sick over this!!! And I refuse to every use my hands again to build a PC!! I will pay Cyberpower to do it for me at the same cost it would be for me to do it!! I am done with all this crap that never works as advertised!!!!!


I agree it's super frustrating, a solution may be to hold off until PC parts are hopefully going to be in greater supply, and when you can return the item to the store, and have less headaches.

I know you already returned the card, but there is some information about Power supplies you will want to know, that some PCIe connectors must be used for certain amount of AMPs. Search for information about your specific PSU, you may have been plugging in PCIe connectors that were not giving the card enough AMPs.

I do agree the manufacturers need to start thinking more about the end user experience, but as things stand now they are living like Kings as the rest of us fight for scraps. Hopefully the worm will turn soon :).


You might want to try the following: 

a) Disable all types of synchronization (VSync, freesync, adaptive/enhanced sync etc.) both in-driver and in-game;

b) Tutn off all overlays (steam/epic/whatever overlay, driver overlay, Afterburner/other, etc.) and try to monitor framerate through in-game means; if impossible, leave only one overlay instance for framerate monitoring (I would recommend Afterburner);

c) Go to control panel and turn off all disablable stuff in "Gaming" section; 

d) In the game shortcut or .exe properties check "run as administrator" and "disable fullscreen optimizations"; 

e) Force minimum core clock in driver control panel to 2000MHz. 

As for PCI-E width issue, I've no idea what may cause it. It might just actually be a faulty GPU by itself, but what's strange that it's capable of handling proper 3D loads without outright hanging and crashing every second. 


AMD ruled it was DOA.


It took a month, but I got a replacement.

Ao did it help? I'm having the same issue with my PowerColor Red Dragon 6800xt.


replacement worked no problem.  You may need to contact PowerColor 

Journeyman III

I have sent back to 6900XT's already!! Can not get the cards to power on or put out any display.. The whole PC comes on except for the GPU?? At a total lose, Currently using a RX480.. Tried switching cables and Bought a Corsair RM850.. 2 cards in a row will not work?? I am at a total Loss.. I have an X370 Taiichi and a 2700X with FlareX memory.. Again PC works perfect with Old RX480 but as soon as I drop in a more Modern card, I get nothing.. I am so sick over this that I am giving up this Over Priced Bull shyt!!! Done with this shyt.. I will just have Cyberpower build me a new PC I am Over this RMA crap!!!! $1500 to get here and not work both times!! I can't get a signal in safe mode either!! So after waiting 4 years to finally have enough money for a GPU, Now Iwill have to wait another 2 years to be able to afford an whole new BUILD... I have been able to get power to the RX480 over all 3 separate 6+2 8 pin connectors! But nothing on the 6900XT I am sick over this! I would rather save up another $1500 and just buy a whole new PC at this point from Cyberpower!! This fuc'ing sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!