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Adept I

6800XT Midnight Black Coil Whine

Just received my midnight black 6800xt and immidately I thought something was wrong, b/c it emitted some serious coil whine.
So loud it gave me a headache and made me feel nauseous.

It's so loud, it's unbearable.

I've never experienced a card with squeal this loud.

What can I do?


Anyone else experience this?
This happens at different "loads" not just high FPS between menus.

RMA during a chip shortage can't be a good thing, and I'm starting to question the build quality of these newer AMD cards.

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Well if your using the recommended Wattage psu and 2 separate pcie cables (to rule out possible psu whine), then your only choice is RMA.

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Coil whine - nothing to do.
The only sad option is reclaim when you have a new card.

There are however some steps that can be taken to undermine this, but not recommended for a new card and it is not easy.

On a pure technical level, coil whine refers to an undesirable noise emitted by an electronic component vibrating as power runs through an electrical cable. Just about anything with a power source can create coil whine to some degree, but it’s usually caused by an electrical current going through a power-regulating component like a transformer or inductor, causing its electrical wiring to vibrate at a variable frequency.


To add,

Coil Whine can't be fixed but there are steps to try and dampen the noise. But it is best to RMA the GPU card under Warranty if it is as bad as you mentioned.

Hopefully the manufacturer will accept your RMA and replace your GPU card.  Since it seems like in recent years most manufacturers won't accept RMA for Coil whine unless it was really bad.

Which seems to be the case.

NOTE: Try using a previous AMD Driver and see if the Coil Whine is less or not. I have read in several AMD Forum posts from Users that a particular AMD Driver version caused their GPU card to be noisy unless the Coil Whine is the same without any AMD Driver installed.

Adept I

Thanks for the replies everyone.


I purchased a new PSU and it got better, then started creeping in again, so I've RMA'd the card, and am awaiting the replacement now

I got a 6800xt Power Color, and it has a lot of coil whine as well, what did you say on the RMA? Cause I've read sometimes,  companies don't replace cards under that condition.

Right it's not a blind send or anything, mine is actually really bad, and not normal to have that much coil whine with regular use.

I described my problem, then AMD support asked for a brief video, which I provided and they started the process.

Also like I mentioned above, I told them I replaced my PSU, and things got better for a little while then things started ramping up again.

Midnight black here as well. It has some audible coil whine but really isn't too bad considering my case is porous and lets the sound travel easily. My old Power color 5700xt was next to silent when it came to coil whine.


If your PSU is over 3 years old, I'd check its health.