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Journeyman III

6600XT Color Banding Issue

Hello. My 6600xt has bad color banding everywhere I look and feels like a step back from my R9 290 in this regard. Video, pictures, desktop and especially games have color banding. I have come to learn that AMD decided to drop dithering support with the 6000 series cards? Is this true? If so, AMD please reconsider this decision and resume support. The issue of correcting color banding is a bit too complicated for some gamers. Most threads I've come across about this issue during my research have ended in frustration and sometimes insults. One, about this exact card, ended in the user selling his computer for a PS5. The most common advice given to people who can't stand color banding on most tech support threads seems to actually be “get an AMD card” Will this not be true going forward?

Here is what I have done in an attempt to correct the issue (not necessarily in this order).

  1. Selected any pixel depth and color format option I had available. They all look the same.

  2. Removed ICC profile.

  1. Ran windows screen calibration.

  1. experimented with various drivers.

  1. Clean install of driver with DDU.

  1. Tried all ports on the GPU. HDMI and DP.

  1. changed cables.

  1. tried 4 different monitors.

  2. Disabled Windows Calibration Loader.

  1. Ubuntu

  2. Various settings on the monitor.

  3. Tech Support. (They laughed and told me to get a CRT monitor if I dislike banding. I'm being gaslit now lol. No, graphics have not always looked like this since we stopped using CRT.)

Is there anything more that I can do? Thank you for reading.

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