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Journeyman III

600 watt PSU okay for 6800 with older CPU?

Looking to upgrade my old 960 to a 6800. Looked up on various part picker sites and video/text reviews to get the max power spikes I can expect instead of relying on manufacturer TDP. Seems like 230 watts average with up to a 310 maximum spike but I'll give myself a margin of error of up to 350 watts spike.

My 6700k seems like it would max out at 100 watts at most.

Combined with my motherboard, RAM, fans, etc, it seems to me under realistic conditions my watts would not expand past around 410 on average with occasional spikes up to 520 at most. With the unrealistic margin of error of up to 550. So, cutting it close, but, am I wrong to assume that since my cpu is so old and draws such low power, that I should be fine continuing to use my 600 watt PSU until I upgrade my CPU as well at which case I'll get a psu with a lot more power?

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I couldn't even power a RoG Strix RX480 and a Phenom with a Bronze 600Watt PSU, be sure yours is a quality one. The reference design has a requirement at 650Watt minimum and you should connect 2 independent 8pin cables.

If its an AIB card, it will probably need more. If you really want to go ahead, i suppose you can power limit the card till you buy a better PSU.

Good Luck

The Englishman

As @johnnyenglish states, should be fine if you have a quality 600W power supply capable of delivering up to 300W across two PCIe cables.

But you didn't mention what power supply you have?

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