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Adept I

7900XTX APEX LEGENDS DX12 Texture issue only on top section of the screen

Is anyone experiencing a graphical texture issue in APEX LEGENDS when running in DX12 which only appears on the top section of the screen.

Fastest way to replicate or see if the issue exists for you is to go into firing range.

In the back round to the left there is a big dinosaur walking, if you move your mouse so you bring the dinosaur to the top section on the monitor screen, that's when the textures on Dino become a bright white shimmer.

Panning the camera with the mouse so the dinosaur then is away from the top of the screen, textures are drawn as normal.

Never had this issue when on Nvidia 2080ti.

I am on the same exact hardware, nothing's changed in my system or monitor setup other than adding 7900XTX liquid devil and installing the latest  23.4.1 driversUntitled1.jpgUntitled.jpg

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Adept I

Same problem here, only happens with DX12. Hopefully AMD or EA can look into this. Same thing happens with character hair in the menu.

Journeyman III

Same exact issue here - 7900 XTX, DX12 via command line opts, replicated on Windows with Adrenalin + official AMD drivers as well as Linux via Proton Experimental and mesa-git (all latest as of this post).

Now that the firing range has been overhauled the easiest way to replicate this is on the main lobby screen or the Legends menu. Hair textures for all legends with visible hair will "shimmer" (really this is more like a flash, it's severe enough I would worry about it being a potential seizure trigger).

See below for a screenshot of one of the frames:


Adept I

Still happening on 23.9.1, what is the point of Anti-Lag+ if this issue still exists

Adept I

Just tried enabling DX12 today, and ran into the exact same issue (RX 7900 XTX) and there is no profile for antilag when enabling DX12. Adrenalin 23.10.2.

Journeyman III

Same here. Using 7900XTX Sapphire Pulse, have the exact same issue. 23.10.1 driver.