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Journeyman III

5700xt Keeps Crashing

My god this is the worst graphics card I have ever owned...

RMA'd the thing twice now due to continual display driver crashes while playing ANY, and I mean ANY game...

The thing cannot even handle League of Legends without crashing. 

Tried to play Overwatch this morning, have not been able to play a full game without my computer restarting itself due to display driver crashes. 

Does anyone have a solution for these issues? If there were not a shortage of GPUs I would have swapped to a NVIDA card by now, but since you cannot find a GPU anywhere, I am stuck with this hunk of junk. 

Any suggestions on how to fix would be welcome. I have tried all the typical "fixes" and nothing seems to work. 

Am I just stuck with a lemon of a GPU?!

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This User with a current open thread is having a similar issue with his RX5700XT GPU card. It also crashes during games:

Adept I

Not sure what happened. But RMAd my 5700xt. They said nothing wrong. I got it back and it crashed a bit. But ever since then thing has been rock solid. I didn't do much to be honest. Fresh install of drivers and reset to defaults. Odd I know.

Journeyman III

I totally agree, I bought this card along with the AMD processor to make 3D renderings it had all the kernels promised well on specs. but it crashes all the time even when i'm on the internet it crashes. I have written to AMD a dozen times without getting any help or responds it is a total waste of time and money

Adept II

I have an unstable 5700xt too, but mine crashes doing light duty stuff like playing a video on youtube or facebook, sometimes, if I'm lucky it'll last me a couple of days before I have to do a Hard Reset again just to get the computer working again. Video display would freeze and CNTRL+Win+Shift+B does nothing, The computer still works just the display is frozen. I should of never left team green, I never had any of these issues with team green.

Journeyman III

I have been having issues with my 5700xt as well. but for me it started with video players (twitch, facebook, youtube) timing out or giving me errors. i was using dual monitors until the card couldnt support more than one. I couldnt play anything the other day until i updated and restored the defaults. Currently, after another update, i cannot play any game or make any video player full screen or it will flash out the monitor and give me an error. Are we stuck with lemons?



So I've been running my pc with just the bare drivers, without the AMD Software, still no luck on my end. Drivers frozed on me this morning sitting on Lock screen idling doing nothing. I was surprised when it didn't lock up on me watching anime online last night. No issues running games, but freezes on idling and when doing things that involves video. Tried to edit a video in Premier the other night, 2 mins into it, the screen frozed, had to hard reset. Always SFC after the hard reset just to be sure there was no integrity corruptions.  Ctrl+Win+Shift+B does not restart video drivers, everything still works except video output, screen frozen.

AMD 3900X

ARock Taichi x570

XFX RAW II RX5700XT on 3 Displays

64GB GSkill Trident Neo

Windows 11 Pro


Try posting your system specs:

information required before posting 

What PSU are you guys using?


Also,have a look at this Video






The video doesn't make sense when the OS is fresh install of Windows 11. Also clean driver only install.

I'm running a Thermaltake 850 for power supply, plenty of power, CPU is also cooled by a Artic Freezer II, so no way is it overheating.



Does it keep crashing as often with just one monitor connected?


So I ran my system yesterday on a single monitor and everything was running smoothly for the longest time, web video worked, games had no issues. I logged out for the night and put the computer into locked mode to idle, and turned off monitors.

Power setting are at the default Ryzen balance settings. Windows 11 is up-to-date and have latest chipset drivers. Currently ideo drivers are the current whql version, installed as base driver only no software.

Woke up this morning, turn on monitors, signal not detected. Moved mouse around, restart video driver with keyboard shortcut, did nothing. Was able to enable accessibility option and verified that there are things in the screen as it is reading my desktop just no active video on the monitor.

SMB to my shared drive without any issue from my phone, media server still functional. Looks like video drivers crapped out again and only to get it back up is hard reset.

Multi monitors, single monitor= same results, crap drivers from team red

Probably you are already doing this but make sure you are not using daisy-chained PCI-E cables.  Run two separate cables from the PSU. 

Yep already did that from the the get go


I suggest you troubleshoot with just one monitor connected until you find a fix. Multi-Displays can add other issues than just one Display attached.

Sounds like the problem occurs after the computer comes out of sleep or hibernation.

Temporarily disable Sleep and Hibernation in Windows and see if the problem keeps occurring or not. If it doesn't then I would leave it like that until AMD comes up with a fix. just make sure you have a Screen Saver on so that your monitor won't get damaged.


Already did that, spent all morning running single display testing still freezes randomly even with 1 display. Display freezes while watching Web/Youtube videos with one display same as with multi-display also when left idling. I've already set computer to never turn off display or HD's. Sleep is disable, still no go. Again computer is still functioning, just the display driver seems to have frozen and the video is no longer recognized.

I should of gotten a 2070 super instead of the 5700xt, but decided to keep it all team Red.

Just notice this message on my notification, after I reinstalled the Software suite instead of just the display drivers


AMD Crash defender has detected and issue with your display drivers.

To prevent and system crash or hang,  The display driver is operating in safe mode. 


Still doesn't help that the screen freezes and I can't do nothing, only way out is hard reset


Everyone of you is running Windows 11 right?

A lot of people in other Forums already reinstalled Win10 because of errors without an option to fix it.
Especialy with x570 mainboards.

Problems with L3 cache or not stable high RAM/CPU voltage or driver errors with Windows 11 or........

They tryed every hotfix from microsoft (or rollback updates), new & old drivers, different new bios version
(agesa, orother beta/alpha versions)...

seems like this heavy problems just causes with special combinations of B550/X570 mb's (lot of asus&gigabyte)
and Ryzen5000 (and a few with ryzen 39xx) cpu's

the most positiv response come from people witch installed the new chipsetdrivers (b450/b550/x570)+
the new bios version (what i remember b550/b450 -> agesa | x570 - agesa @Windows 10

this was also my solution against Blackscreens and massive USB malfunctions (B450+Ryzen 3600+ RX 5700XT)

i had to adjust little bit higher voltage (but a smaller range) for cpu/ddr and the Temp of my cpu/gpu now rises a little bit
higher at 100% workload. cpu max 73°C & gpu max 91°C  with max load in benchmarks. before 10°C+ less 🤮
But the only system crashes i cant fix is in cinebench multithread benchmark (just version R15)


Ryzen 5  3600 at 4.55ghz (all cores) -> corsair 240mm AIO
MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max
XFX RX 5700 XT (2100mhz/1810mhz/1.150V)
2 Display (1st at 1080P-144hz & 2nd at 1440P-60hz)
750W Be QUiet!
32GB DDR4 PC2666 Hyperx at 3333mhz CL16(atm testing 3400 and so far good)

Win 10 (10.0.19043.1288)
Radeon 21.10.3
Chipset driver -> tomorrow maybe i test but my system is running well atm
Lan driver 10.49.0413.2021
Ryzen Master
BIOS H.D3 (agesa beta from msi)
- DDR Gear Down Mode/IMMOU and all energy savings/secure boot= off
- vcore/ram=vSoc = locked/small offset ranges
- pbo = enhanced / LLC2 / ppt + 10%

Ryzen7 5800X 4,95ghz; LLC3; 420mm Liquid Freezer2; Corsair RGB Pro SL 32gb/2 - 3600mhz CL18; Sapphire RX6800 Pulse OC; Asus XG27AQ 165Hz; MSI X570 Gaming Plus PPT:137W EDC:135A TDC:95A; BeQuiet! PP 730W