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Adept I

5700 XT Red Devil crashing


Two weeks ago I bought the 5700 XT Red Devil with three fans and this graphic card brings me a lot of problems. For example:

- Gothic 3 (it's old, I know) from time to time I can NOT load my saved game. The loading bar goes to the end and stucks. I have found a solution that I have to set graphic settings on LOW then I can load the game, save one time more, quit, set graphic on HIGH and then load... This is really horrible.

- PES 2020 - the game is crashing on some stadiums and there is NOT possible to begin a match. I saw some threads on Steam Community and some 5700 XT owners have the same issue.

- I have been playing Ghost Recon: Breakpoint since I bought the GPU (it was inclusive as bonus) and after drivers update (that I installed today) the game just crashed after 20 mins of playing. I spent more than 10 hours on this game and today I got first crash.

The crash just turns my monitor off and says something like "sleeping mode". I tried a lot of things to find a solution but still nothing. I have switched BIOS to quiet on the GPU, I have replaced HDMI cable to DP, I have reinstalled drivers, I have installed new drivers (Adrenalin 2020) I have not done any OC, I have original Windows 10 Pro x64 release upgraded to the latest version, I have upgraded BIOS but still no luck. What should I do more? I can return the GPU and never come back to AMD but because I like this GPU I wannna find a solution. Please help!

My setup:


AsRock Z370 K6 Gaming,

16GB RAM DDR4 3200 MHz,

M2 SSD Samsung EVO 500GB,


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