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Journeyman III

5500 xt black screen

Right so i bought a Radeon 5500 xt 8 gb from xfxforce. when installing the drivers my pc would crash about 30 seconds after booting up. This was solved by installing drivers without software. I'm still having issues however. Whenever a video or gif is played on my pc, it crashes. Specific games black screen my pc. The steam overlay for games kills the pc. And occasionally my pc will randomly crash cos why not. The problem is definitely the graphics card and it's driver. Ive been trying to fix the problem for over a month now. I've tried getting older versions of the driver, I've tried changing the pci-e settings in bios, I've updated bios, I've changed the tdr thingy, I've tried updating windows and I've switched around my memory. I don't overclock and I don't have any rgb. I've tried everything that has been said works but nothing works. Does anyone have a fix cos if not I'm refunding and moving to nvidia. 


CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x

Motherboard: gigabyte B550M DS3H (rev. 1.x)

Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb

Storage: Crucial P2 M.2 2280

Os: Windows 10 home 64-bit

Power supply: 650w bronze rating (cant remember brand, no difference between them) 

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Adept I

Have you tried downloading DDU, and then running it in safe mode, uninstalling all AMD graphics drivers and reinstalling them? You could also try reinstalling Windows. If you don’t want to wipe your drive if you have a spare drive lying around you could temporarily boot from that and test. 

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So try running DDU, install the 20.8.3 driver but from what you say, that won't work because you've probably tried that version. So try switching or buying a new PSU or swapping the card into a PC with a known good PSU. There absolutely is a difference in brand/quality of PSU's and it's the heart of your PC! Always go with a Gold rated PSU if the money is there. Go with a good brand like Corsair RM/RMx series, EVGA G3, Super Flower, Sea Sonic, a few others. Tom's Hardware has a good list that won't break the bank. Use 2 X PCIe power cables with that card vs. the single with dongle. One cable can only handle 300W and 9A. The card can spike higher than that, especially in the AMPs, to roughly 14A. 

Other things that cause the black screen/crash is a bad RAM stick. Run this RAM tester for best results and make sure it passes 500% or overnight: MemTest Manual ( 

I'm not an affiliate, and used to use Memtest86, found this to be cheaper, since I bought the Deluxe for $14 vs. $44 and better overall. 
The free options are ok but limited in scope. HCI's also tests the CPU's cache. However, your total description leads me back to the PSU. 

"It worked before you broke it!"
Journeyman III

Good afternoon, how are you?

Did you manage to solve the problem?

I'm still having the same problem, my card has a black screen and turns itself off at the beginning of any game...

I really need help.



я купил rx6600 03.06.2022, и с этого самого дня черный экран, зеленый экран и артефакты. Терпел 20 дней, проблему не смог решить, и сдал карту обратно, и не знаю, будет ремонт или возврат денег. Возьму RTX , до этого покупал 1050tI в 2017 году, и работала без проблем, и сейчас тоже её подключил, и все игры в порядке, ничего не вылетает, всё отлично. Поэтому если есть возможность, верни и возьми Nvidia , пожалей свои нервы. P.s я перепробовал все драйверы. все советы, ничего не помогло. Почему 1050ti работает отлично. а новая карта 6600 так плохо? наверно потому что АМД всё равно, какой репутационный ущерб они несут