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Re: X370 needs Zen3 too!

Nice share! I have never seen any reason not to leave it up to the motherboard makers to decide what they can support. I don't doubt that some boards may not be able to support some of the higher power high core count processors with possible stability issues due to weak VRMs on many budget boards. That being said 65w processors should not be a problem. 

Nice find I hope they don't make them pull this bios like when PCIe 4 was supported on 4xx boards proving they can do it and AMD made them pull it. 

Adept I

Re: X370 needs Zen3 too!

More and more proof is emerging about ryzen 5000 cpu on a320 without problems. Bring the support officially or with a disclaimer! 

Re: X370 needs Zen3 too!

The problem then becomes how do you deal with all the PO'd people who bought into a dead socket with an X570/B550 motherboard just because everything you've said for the last several months is "We will not give the board partners the code to implement Zen 3 support on 300 series motherboards"? Or how do you even justify that you suddenly reversed course?

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Re: X370 needs Zen3 too!

X570 is not a dead socket but it is evidently the last of the DDR4 boards as no new chipsets are on the radar

Ryzen 5000 processors offer a last chance for a more powerful CPU if needed

Adept I

Re: X370 needs Zen3 too!

By giving each manufacturer the option of releasing an unofficial beta bios, preferably for the high end boards such as the very top of the X370 lines.

Expensive gear deserves special treatment.

If you buy a top of the line Mercedes AMG car you expect a little extra from Mercedes in terms of support and updates compared to if you bought their cheapest A-klass.

Same here, if you buy a Asus Crosshair VI that costed several hundred euro like I did I expect more support than the ones who bought a 65 euro board.

Especially since it's known that the Crosshair VI VRM can handle wayyyy more than anything you can throw at it in terms of stock CPU performance.

Journeyman III

Re: X370 precisa do Zen3 também!

I have the Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming K7 mobo. I would also like to receive AGESA for Zen 3. Nothing but fair for 2020. My English is not good, I am Brazilian. Thanks