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Journeyman III

Windows 11

Anyone, please help me which requirements required to install Windows 11?

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Adept I

Hi it would help me if you can provide the name of your CPU. 

Your PC might be more than powerful to run Windows 11, but the majority of incompatibility comes from the motherboard not having a TPM 2.0 chip. That can be resolved if you buy a TPM module and install it (if your motherboard has a TPMS1 header). This might cause some trouble because you have to find the exact TPM module for your motherboard provider (Asus, Gigabyte, Asrock etc).


There is a simpler way. Most recent CPUs(AMD Ryzen(2017-present) lineup does support it; not sure for older versions) support fTMP, by default it is disabled. So you need to go  in BIOS to enable it. Follow the steps:

1. Restart PC if ON, or open it.

2. While the boot screen animation of your motherboard provider(ASrock,Asus,Gigabyte) press continously on F2 or Del (the key might vary between providers), until it gets you to the BIOS.

3. Go to ADVANCED tab 


5.There is an option called AMD fTPM switch, which is currently on DISABLED. Switch it to AMD CPU fTPM.

6.Go to EXIT tab with the option SAVE & EXIT. 


You are going to need to wait according to ZDNET latest article.

Microsoft has reversed or will be making some changes of their Windows 11 System Requirements due to much confusion and compatibility issues concerning the Windows 11 System Requirements. These changes will come during Windows 11 Preview testing which includes testing older CPUs to see if they will be compatible or not.

At the moment only Zen 2 and newer AMD CPUs and Intel 8 generation CPUs will be compatible with Windows 11 but that might changes as Preview Testers test older CPUs using Windows 11.

Also Microsoft has removed the Windows 11 PC Health Checkup App which is now considered to be inaccurate about which PC are compatible with Windows 11.  A new PC Health Checkup App will be issued shortly before Windows 11 goes public.

For now the 2 most serious System requirements is that you need to have TPM 2.0 enabled as well as Secure Boot in BIOS enabled plus a internet connection for anyone to install Windows 11 on a PC.  Some of these requirements may change as Microsoft gets input from Preview Testers and Users and OEM companies.


In regards to TPM2.0 compatibility>>>Note for ASRock x570 Taichi (AMD Ryzen 9): Simply turning/enabling "AMD CPU fTPM" did not work for me. I had to update my existing BIOS from P3.4 to P4.6. The update page at says "Support Microsoft Windows 11". Once I updated the BIOS I did not need to go back into the BIOS to change any settings. TPM shows up when checking with windows 10. Type: tpm.msc in the run-box (press window key & R at the same time to open the run-box). It will either say ready or not ready.