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What are you playing at AMD? Radeon Software Gimps Ryzen Master, 5950X and 6900XT

I was, until very recently the very happy owner of a 5950X and a 6900XT.

I get a CineBench R20 score of 12.100 with my 5950X (WITHOUT overclocking, and remaining 100% within spec) and all of my games played really nicely at the highest settings on my 6900XT.

This was until the Radeon Software 21.10.2 came along and gimped my performance and caused Ryzen Master to fail to load with the "Can't find driver" message.

Then AMD brought out 21.10.4 and made it even worse.

My favourite game is Space Engineers and just "Updating" from 21.8.2 to any of the other flaming pieces of garbage decimates the framerate from a steady 120 FPS to under 70 FPS.

And while we are at it, let's get rid of a lie that is being told that the latest patch to Win11 gets rid of the Ryzen performance issues - it bloody well doesn't. Not that I am stupid enough to migrate my system to Micro$haft Win 11, but unfortunately some others got suckered into it and I have had a bloody terrible time getting Ryzen to be stable.

I can tell all of you now, that the ONLY way you are going to get Alder Lake to perform well in games is to turn off the small cores or as I like to call them "Cripple Creek".

The ONLY way to get Ryzen Master and Radeon Software to work together if you run into the "Unable to load driver" error message with Ryzen Master is to do the following;

1) Uninstall Ryzen Master.

2) DDU the Radeon Software you have installed.

3) Reinstall Ryzen Master

4) Download the 21.8.2 version of Radeon Software - everything beyond that is just garbage.

5) When installing Radeon Software make sure to click on the very faint "Additional Options" option at the top left of the screen - you have to squint pretty hard or you will miss it - and then put a checkmark in the box that says "Factory Reset".

In Win11 even when you get Ryzen Master to start, it will fail to do so a number of times (between two to five times) before it does come up. What prevented it starting without any error message being displayed was an error that, when you look in the Event Viewer log, states what prevented Ryzen Master loading was an error with "NTDLL.DLL" a kernel mode Win11 driver.

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Your CPU and GPU cost about 600 euros more than my complete tower (1 year old) with MOBO GiBYy Aorus x399 Pro, Threadripper 1900X 8 Core, Aorus RX5700XT, 16 GB Aorus RAM, Aorus power supply 750 Watt Gold +, 1 TB Aorus M2 + 2TB USB SSD storage, Aorus Liquid cooler and Aorus Tower. As a gamer, I change the graphics cards about every 2-3 years, always in the upper middle performance range. If possible, I'll skip a generation, if AMD would be a 7000 series. NVidea will again provide my next graphics card, before that I had a GTX970. Merry Christmas everyone and Hasta la Vista.