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Journeyman III

Update issues with dual graphics card drivers (Radeon vega 8 graphics and Radeon 540x)

I was checking for some graphics card updates and encountered this problem.

I have a laptop Asus Vivobook14 AMD Ryzen5 3500u with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics and AMD 540x.

And everytime I update either of the GPU drivers the other one gets outdated. 
First, I updated the 540x, after updating, I checked again and showed I have the latest version.
Next, I update the radeon vega 8, I also checked again and it showed I have the latest version.

But when I checked on 540x, It's out of date again so I have to reinstall it. Checked again just to make sure.
I then check the Vega 8 and it did the same, it got outdated and I have to reinstall again.

It's an endless loop, and sometimes ends in a BSD with error in exception handling (exception not handled).

How do I fix this? Should I uninstall both drivers and reinstall?

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