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Journeyman III

Trying to play a 20 year old plus game.. fps are poop, need help please.

Game i'm trying to play: EQEMU Servers

current specs:
Windows 10
5950x cpu
6900xt nitro + sapphire edition
64gb of ram

Running RoF2 EQ (Rain of Fear 2)

My issue is that when i log into the game my fps is total crap. 20fps while looking down in first person but when looking straight ahead im at 5 or less fps.

I've set affinity to 0 CPU only
I've set priority to high
I've changed the compatibility mode between XP / 7 / Vista / 98
I've downloaded dx9 redist
visual c++ 2010
.net framework 2010
Disabled SAM (read a post where that was a "solution" for a different game)
added the following line to the target line of the eqgame.exe: c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /C start /affinity 1 eqgame.exe patchme

I've been told that the newer gpus lack support for dx9 but that just sounds silly. I really just want to enjoy an old game from my childhood. Ultima Online emulators run fine on my set up.. but i can't enjoy EQEmu at all with this kind of fps'.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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