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Journeyman III

Totally garbage Que System for AMD´s Online Store!

Have been sitting here since 1pm on a thursday in the hopes of getting an RX 6800 XT graphics card. Only 1(!), to replace my aging RX 480. Total waste of time, and now I´m pissed off! Hopefully someone from AMD is reading here in the Forums, as I cannot understand what this que system in their online shop is really supposed to bring??? It may help the AMD servers to stop them from crashing, but getting more cards out to the people instead of to the scalpers and miners - no way. Why can we not order a card from AMD (whether in Stock or not), and you are put on a buying list. This list looks at the people that are allready on the list, comparing names, adresses, and payment details so that really only 1 product goes out to each person. For a computer rig you only need 1 CPU, and 1 GPU. Those buying aditionally for a friend will have to tell their friend that he has to order it himself. If you have more than 1 computer at home - well then you are also out of luck. Goal is to get out as many cards to as many people as they can in these awefull times. AMD also goes back a number of months comparing names, adresses, and payment to really make sure that each person only gets one product of each. You do not upgrade your graphics card every month, and those that do will also just be out of luck. You are not "normal". We want to stop the scalpers and the miners, and get out the cards to the "normal" people at a price everyone can afford. This is all doable, and saves the whole hassel of sitting in front of your PC the whole afternoon, or even taking a day off in the hope of getting a much needed card. The que systen solves non of the problems of getting out cards to normal people. Plus I can sign up for a card, forget about it, and then someday at least get one without me having to go to extreme lengths to buy something. AMD also has less to do, other than just stupidly working its way along the list when stock comes in. This post will most likely not change anything, but it had to be said. I am really thinking about just forgetting next thursday playing this ridiculous lottery again, where you do not win anything anyway...

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Adept II

Be happy they have a Qing option now. Before they had nothing. Every drop they had before the Qing system. I never got through anyways and just kept getting told "Website timed out" or "Random error here". At least this way the website actually works when you get a chance.  They could just be Nvidia and only sell their cards at best buy. It's another option to have a "Chance" instead of 0 chance. A chance no matter how small is still a chance. I to sat in the Q this morning. Alas I was not chosen. 


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Not sure if I am going to use the chance next week. To pay for the card I need to work, and don t have the time to sit the whole afternoon in front of my PC, only to get the message in the end: "all graphic cards have been sold". The little walking guy didn t even reach 1/4 his walking distance while I was waiting. What s wrong with every person/household getting only one card, and one is added to a list of buyers that is then worked upon one after the other when stock comes in. Click: "Preorder one 6800XT" -> Message: "You are in order position 32". When the next drop comes you get a mail with your new position if you go out empty handed in that drop. So you know excactly where you are at. No complicated drop events, and no unnecessary unfruitful waiting for people that want a card. Just a mail: "Dear Customer, we are sorry that the new stock was not enough to serve your order. After our new stock your position has moved to number 16". AMD saves Time/Work, and you save Time/Work. Easy peasy...


You want them to setup a system like EVGA has. They probably thought of that. But again this is better than it was before. Before you couldn't get through the website when they had items for sell. I had several 6800's and 6800XT's in my cart and were NEVER able to actually check out, it just kept erroring out. So I mean take what you can get. They've already thrown us at least a chance. 

Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL , 5TB SSD , 13TB Mechanical. Crosshair VII , 5800X , Nvidia 3090, 32gb 14 14 14 32 @ 3600mhz Corsair ram. Corsair 860 AX PSU , RGB like crazy.