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Journeyman III

this community is useless, i post 2 threads, and noone replied?

is this what we called COMMUNITY? like noone even replied to my problem, i waited 2 weeks. like wtf.

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Read the two identical threads you opened within 2 weeks time here at General Discussions.


Updating graphic cards, but after restart the graphic card stays the same. 

Which by the way was posted in the wrong AMD Forum. You question should have been posted at AMD Forum: Drivers & Software 

When you use AMD "Generic" Laptop drivers, most of the time it won't show your exact GPU card model you have installed. When it says 530 Series it includes your 535 gpu card. Many times it will show the family model or Series of your GPU card but the driver will still be compatible and run correctly with the GPU card installed in your laptop.

Plus AMD generic laptop drivers might not take advantage of most of your laptop special features that was customized

by Acer.

Also you must install your AMD Ryzen APU laptop driver and not the AMD 535 driver. The APU Graphic driver will automatically install both your APU Integrated Graphics and your 535 GPU card graphic drivers.

This is your Ryzen 3 2200U APU latest AMD Driver: 

It is best to use your manufacturer's (Acer) Support AMD driver for your laptop. The laptop's Acer AMD Driver will show correctly your GPU card and it will take advantage of all special features incorporated by Acer in your laptop plus being 100% compatible.

If Acer's AMD Drivers are very out-dated and you are forced to use AMD latest driver than you are taking a chance it may not be 100% compatible with your laptop even though it should work as a "basic" graphics driver.