Discussion created by nelthorr on Jun 12, 2020

Hello, here i tell you what is my problem to my graphic cards.


I have 2 switchable graphic cards...since the first time i bought the laptop, my laptop has 2 switchable graphic cards, that is Vega 3 and Radeon 535...


But in the device manager, it tells me that i have Vega 3, and RADEON 530 SERIES, whilst my laptop have 535 in it... why does it tells me I have Radeon 530 series in the device manager...just so you know guys i am not really good at this laptop knowledge or what ever xD...


But yeah, i tried to update my driver, the radeon 530.. so i went to the device manager, right click the radeon 530 and update driver, then...there is an update for my driver, so after the update is done, my laptop when restart, and then the radeon 530 didn't change yet, it is still the same as Radeon 530, nothing've installed,i have done this multiple times, right click and update drivers, hoping for it to change to Radeon 535...update, update, update, and update for it and automatically install it, but still it didn't change anything, is this a bug or what??....and also my windows is always up to graphic card that's render right now is the Vega 3 500mb, not the Radeon 535 whenever im gaming, the graphic is very low, like my laptop have not have any graphic cards..


I played CSGO, Dota 2.. all on low settings..last time i played in high settings, i dont know why..and what happened..


this is kinda this because my developer of my laptop didn't reinstall the driver correctly?


My laptop specs
Model: Acer Aspire 3
Windows: Latest windows 10
Processor: Ryzen 3 2200U
GPU2: VEGA 3 512MB