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surround through GPU HDMI


how in the world to I set surround (5.1/2.1) for my HDMI output?



I've been lurking for a while now but I'm more confused than I was at the beninning.

I though I had a very simple setup but apparently not: GPU HDMI to LG TV, TV optical to yamaha 5.1 sound system.

Sound works, but subwoofer and rear speakers do not. From windows sound panel I can see it's outputting stereo and not 5.1.

I've googled and tried couple of fixes (i.e. APO driver to force dolby, CRU to force sound setup) but I can't manage to make this work.

I've tried to connect HDMI directly into yamaha sound system and then passthough to the TV. Video and sound work, but still stereo and not 5.1 and I cannot change windows output to 5.1.

The TV is also connected to a chromecast, and when I cast from it everything is correctly 5.1.


How do I make my (quite straight forward?) setup output 5.1?



I also have another HDMI output to monitor, monitor 3.5 jack to 2.1 system.

Same thing as above, sound works, but subwoofer doesn't. From windows sound panel I can see it's outputting stereo and not 2.1.


Only reasong I'm writing here because HDMI output is from AMD Radeon RX Vega 64, which I believe is the source of the problem, or at least can be the solution

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Adept III

Your TV is not able to transmit the 5.1 sound from the gpu as it is, but converts it to 2-channel stereo sound. My TV does exactly the same. You have to connect the PCs integrated audio or sound card directly to the receiver.

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Adept I

@schldskjoirz but what's the difference with the chromecast HDMI then?

I have chromecast HDMI into TV, and optical output into sound system: when I cast youtube (i.e. to the chromecast 5.1 is definitely working as intended.

Adept I