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Journeyman III

SPI data

Part# XAZU4EV-1SFVC784Q4753

We need to understand what does this messages mean on part number XAZU4EV-1SFVC784Q4753.


 GOLDEN BOARD    13050902    12251384    11792683                 
MOSI MISO  MOSI MISO  MOSI MISO  MOSI MISO  Comparison Golden Board vs 13050902  Comparison Golden Board vs 12251384  Comparison Golden Board vs 11792683 
1313FFFF 1313FFFF 1313FFFF 1313FFFF ---- ---- ----
11FFFF 11FFFF 11FFFF 11FFFF ---- ---- ----
F8F8FFFF F8F8FFFF F8F8FFFF F8F8FFFF ---- ---- ----
00FFFF 037FFFF 00FFFF 037FFFF -False-- ---- -False--
04FFFF 0ACFFFF 04FFFF 0ACFFFF -False-- ---- -False--
AAAA30 AAAA30 AAAA30 AAAA30 ---- ---- ----
AAAA30 AAAA20 AAAA10 AAAA10 --False- --False- --False-
AAAA00 AAAA00 AAAA00 AAAA00 ---- ---- ----
AAAA00 AAAA00D AAAA00 AAAA00D ---False ---- ---False
 AA 1E  AA 1E  AA 1E  AA 1E ---- ---- ----
 AA 10  AA 10  AA 10  AA 10 ---- ---- ----
 AA 5  AA 5  AA 5  AA 5 ---- ---- ----
 AA 41  AA 41  AA 41  AA 41 ---- ---- ----



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Needed to google that part number to find out how it is related to AMD.

Found this website that sells that part with documentation you can download:

Screenshot 2023-02-03 082227.png

From the download Documentation from the above link PDF:

Screenshot 2023-02-03 150526.png

The above doc is just the first page. There are several more technical pages in the PDF download.

Mouser website seems to have the same information as the above link:

Now that everyone knows what you are talking about I suggest you open this thread at AMD Developer's Forum and maybe one of the Moderators can direct you on how to find the information you are asking:

NOTE: You can check out AMD Tech & Documentation page to see if it has documents related to the hardware from here: AMD Technical and Documentation