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Journeyman III

Ryzen 9 7900X + 4070Ti bluescreens every modern game

Ever since I made this build I have had huge stability issues, games make my setup bluescreen randomly as I play, and sometimes as I tab out of them.
At this point I'm lost on what to do next, nothing seems to work, I have reinstalled my Windows and tried many different BIOS settings.
Just today even an older game from 2014 started bringing my PC to bluescreen too.
Something that seemed to work for one of my games, Baldurs Gate 3, is launching it directly through its .exe file, Reddit says that game struggles with RTX cards.

The Setup:
- Ryzen 9 7900x
- Nvidia RTX 4070Ti
- G.Skill Trident Z5 48GB DDR5-6800, I tried running those at factory presets 6000Mhz, 6200Mhz, 6400Mhz with no difference in stability.
I have also ran stress-testing software like OCBASE/OCCT to check for errors that may be caused by my RAM or CPU, and none of them showed even a single error.
- I run all my games on a PCIE gen 5 Crucial T700 2 TB, SSD

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