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Report: Lisa Su to leave AMD for IBM, hand over CEO to Rick Bergman; Lisa Su denies

She denied it literally minutes after the article went live, but what's going to happen if AMD slips behind Intel again, and Intel and nVidia capture 90% or more of the market, and especially if AMD's stock slips under $20 a share? In Corporate America the axe can and will fall swiftly if the stockholders demand it.

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Rick Bergman was re-hired to lead Computing and Graphics. Let us all pray he can whip RTG into shape because, as WCCFTech reported, Navi is still technically in beta, there has been no WHQL driver release, and there are still a number of bugs floating around, serious ones.


Bergman says to dev team, "Create something better than NVidia!" Then later after the previous 2 minute meeting, "I'm exhausted. Job accomplished. Time for lunch"

That's right. As a software dev, I am a bitter towards these upper management types, and towards the view that they have any actual technical chops or contribution to their departments succeeding. The success is usually all about staying out of the way of the dev team, and giving the dev team the proper time and resources to do the job right, by not hamstringing them with stupid requirements and/or bad marketing short sighted timelines which create poor products, "What if we staple antlers to dogs and call them reindeer?"

Given Bergman's experience and history, he seems the kind of person who knows how to hire good people and to let them do their jobs. If I remember right Raja was known as one of those control freaks who went over time and caused compromises, and is why Vega lacked the AI components nVidia cards do which limited AMD's presence in the professional market.

I think the biggest question now is that with the APU for the PS and XB finished, how many resources will Lisa Su let him have since, by her own admission, 75% of RTG is allocated to the semicustom market.