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Radeon RX 570 problems

I purchased the card about two years ago. It is version 22.5.2. I purchased it to help with general computer speed and dont do gaming. Since its purchase I have had problems with the screen locking and being covered with small pink patterns at 45 degrees angle. The screen behind is still visible but nothing works. Some times it will re start and i fill in an error form. Other times nothing works and I have to do a hard power off. wait and then restart. Its simple stuff that causes the problem eg scrolling in through BBC, Facebook or you tube.  computer is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.19 GHz with 16 GB ram.

I have returned the computer to the shop that sold the card and am advised because its a variable problem, not always easy to repeat, they cant fix it. That said they have tried and I still get the same problem. I have been faithfully reporting the problem via error reporting to AMD including my email address and have had no support. I am hoping the community will have some ideas. I am getting ready to dump the card. All help welcome.

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I have a RX 580 and I run into that issue sometimes as well, the problem I've found is the amd software doesn't mesh very well for some reason and it causes havoc. That specific issued only happened when I was watching videos or on the Web, otherwise I had other issues with my card.


A fix for me so far was to reinstall my windows 10 fresh and doing a dirty install of my amd drivers. A dirty install is full install the older 19.12.1 amd software then after install open up the 20.something version (I forgot which one it is ill edit post when i can get to mu pc then I will repost) but do not install.


Let it open and unpack but close the install, then go to device manager and update your graphics driver from the new 20. version folder.


So that means running the old amd utility but with a newer driver and so far nil issues for the 45 degree pink pattern, I have other issues but that's a whole other issue lol

I have not had the fan spinning at high speed.  Just the screen locking for 30seconds and covered with pink 45 Degree patterns.

Sometimes it restarts by it self, other times nothing works and the power at the wall needs to be turned off. It then restarts with AMD Bug report tool asking to report. Which I do most of the time but no one at AMD is listening.


change wire funcition


I encourage you to install 22.1.2 (30.0.14023.3004 in Windows device manager) and try again.

If it keeps failing, get MSI Afterburner and downclock it by 5% both GPU and VRAM if possible.

Hey thanks. Update news,  I have just installed Radeon 22.6.1 , a June 2022 release.  Are you saying the version 22.1.2 might be more stable? 

The MSI Afterburner sounds a good option. Thanks


I´ve had issues with CS GO and drivers newer than the one I´m currently running on my GTX 580 4GB, so I always recommend that version in specific. Haven´t tried the latest ones.