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Journeyman III

Radeon Pro WX3200 CABLEDECONN Mini DP to DisplayPort 8K Cable

Hi Guys I just built my first computer Ryzen 7 3700x with a Radeon Pro WX3200 work station GPU 

I purchased 4 Rankie 10ft  4k mini displayport to hdmi before actually buying monitors. 

I imagine it's a normal process as getting into the research and planning to move up the quality scale. 

I started out at 24" 1ms 75hz tn panels, soon decided I could use the extra real estate of a 27" then that 1080p wouldn't cut it.

I returned three 1080p and ended up testing a 4k 60hz ips panel got it doing everything it was suppose to with the wx3200 driver updates and control panel and ordered the other two. Tilt, height & portrait adjustable. 7/16th bezel but I'm not a gamer anyway.

Finally to my question: The monitors have two HDMI ports each which I can use. They supply 5ft Displayport which works nicely with the adapter supplied with the wx3200 but I'm building a 4' x 8' Oak corner desk and really don't want my amazing new computer that close to my monitors. I would like to take advantage of the Displayport by upgrading for only $1 each more to higher quality 4 Bidirectional CABLEDECONN Mini DP to DisplayPort 8K Cables. The WX 3200 is capable of 8k on 1 monitor and who knows maybe I upgrade my GPU some day.

The company (CABLEDECONN) just got back to me through the night that their mini Displayport end width is 12.1mm and by my measurements IT seems like the Mini Displayport ends might almost be snug to just a fraction of a mm too wide with 3-4 plugged side by side in my wx3200.

Does anyone have 3 to 4 of the CABLEDECONN 1.4 8K cables plugged into the back of their WX3200 who can give me guidance?


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