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Adept III

Question to installation procedure for new generation CPU (Zen5 and DDR5 memory) - new socket type?

Dear AMD Community,

I heard that new AM5 socket for new generation Zen5 processors which can be compatible with DDR5 memory will have change socket type from PGA to LGA. I hate LGA socket from Intel because installation is more complicated and more dangerous (easier we can bent pins and damage our socket). I have suggestion to AMD Team. If you will change socket type like I heard and now this will be LGA type for new generation Zen5 processors for desktop I suggest you to make this same installation procedure like for Ryzen Threadripper CPU. You can see this on this link:

Like you can see CPU have easy installation in LGA type socket and this is less dangerous than for LGA type Intel socket what I hate. I hope that AMD can make this same way installation for new Ryzen Zen5 processor for Desktop like for Server Ryzen Threadripper or EPYC CPU's.

I hope that you can do this and you will read my post.

Yours faithfully,

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