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Adept II

The games you've played recently on your PC

Hey all,

This is a rather strange thread to post given that everyone is here because they don't have a graphics card or at least one they want.

These are the games I've played recently. Well I am kinda a casual that just buys games on Steam when they go on sale and look interesting, so haha dun judge me XD.

Maybe you may come across something interesting you never played before.

On Gtx 1650

Stars Wars :Fallen Order - Basically a Jedi lightsaber hack and slash where you aren't overpowered and has an Ok story

Overcooked! 2 + dlc.

This is just a casual about chopping, dicing and serving food... But yeah it's harder than it looks.

Ori and the Blind Forest- 2D metrovania platformer where you just try to save the forest as a bunny. U will feel like u are running from Neptulon, Ragnaros and the Lich King as a bunny at some point

Cuphead- An extremely hard disney cel shaded art style tradtional cartoon shooter game

Horizon Zero Dawn - Solo wow like rpg with mechanical dinosaurs in a forest open world






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Journeyman III

I may be in the minority here, and though I know I overpaid for the hardware, I genuinely love my build.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Asrock AMD Radeon 5600xt OC

And ofc TB3 add-in-card because why not?

I've been playing Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege, Minecraft, and Doom Eternal.

Haha I've been there. I ended up letting abit of analysis paralysis and panic get the better of me and overpaid 280 for a 1050ti that got upgraded to a gtx 1650 because there was no stock ><".

Was in a hurry to build a pc cause COVID-19 started spreading. When I realised there were better cards at that price range and learnt the correct stuff, but it was too late XD.

I saw Doom Eternal and it actually went on sale for cheap like at 16 bucks, but I didn't buy it cause I think it would kill the 1650 just to run it XD.

Wow, alot of people play Rainbow Siege, I keep getting the impression it's like CS and never tried. Is it true?


Actually Doom Eternal runs at very playable levels on that. Give it a go. (look up some Youtube vids)

I got Doom 2016 for free bundled with the RX480 back then, runs like a charm (well over 150fps), Eternal kind of shaves 15-20fps from what I got from Doom 2016.

Bak on topic, I've been playing these to kill time.

NieR Automata (again)
Doom 2016 (again)
PC Building Simulator
Actually thinking on buying CyberPunk and hoping that it will get FSR support soon (maybe, lol)

Not playing a lot because of my new hobby (YouTube wannabe)

The Englishman