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Journeyman III

Question regarding gigabyte's promotion code

I am not being able to redeem any borderlands 3 promotion game/code.
I bought an AMD card from amazon and was provided with a promotion code that i should enter to redeem either Ghost recon breakpoint, or Borderlands 3. In the 'claim reward' window there was only the ghost recon game so i had to click on it to move on to the next window, tho i wanted to redeem Borderlands 3. Note that i still havent connected my redeemed ghost recon game into my uplay account.

I had a chat with amazon, hoping that they will help, and they did contact amd support and got back to me with this reply:

"...Please, redeem coupon codes and pass product verification at www.
Further -
1. For Borderlands 3 : Receive game code and activate Borderlands 3 through your library.
2. For Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint : Log-in Uplay through AMD Rewards portal to receive Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint game in your Uplay library.
Please follow any one of the above step in-order to redeem code as per your preference..."

So it says right here that to get Borderlands 3 i need to recieve a game cote to activate. I did not recieve such a code, nor knowing as to which library this message refers to . I am also aware that as for this time, it is only available to purchase on the Epic store, tho there was no pointing out about linking an epic account to this AMD promotion.  Its too bad that this is the initial experience i get from switching to AMD from Nvidia! 


^^ This is the 3rd support ticket i've sent to amd-rewards support and they havent replied to me about it, only sending an automated message that did not help for the initial 2 tickets. I'm hoping maybe someone in this audeince can shed some light about a similar experience and a possible solution to this.

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Possibly they are talking about your Stream Library?

See if this current thread at Stream concerning redeeming AMD Codes helps you any: AMD Rewards redeem games in steam :: Help and Tips 

Plus you need to have the AMD qualified hardware installed and then download AMD Verification software but I presume you have done this already.

Others Users who have gone through redeeming Game codes via AMD Rewards or Stream are the ones that needs to help you with this.