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Journeyman III

Not receiving code for borderlands 3/ghost recon

Bought a 5700xt from amazon but did not get the code for borderlands 3/ghost recon breakpoint.

Amazon telling me contact amd,amd telling me the codes are provided by the retailer.

Talked to amazon and they sent me a code but I'm told I'm not eligible to redeem it even

though when I bought the card the product page advertised the promotion.

Any idea as to what I can do here?

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The codes are provided by participating sellers. They also often are region locked so if you are not in that region you can't redeem the game. Some get around this by using VPN services. Not sure what your situation is but AMD definitely does not issue the codes but the do redeem them. 

Journeyman III

amd sorted me out amazon had messed up, but it all worked out in the end.

Have you tried opening a AMD REWARDS SUPPORT ticket from here: Support - AMD Rewards .

They can tell you if the code from Amazon is valid or not. If not why it isn't valid.