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Journeyman III

Purchasing a New CPU while RMAing defective one

My 3600 was having memory issues so i bought a 5600x and confirmed that my 3600 was at fault. My 3600 was shipped off last week and should be accepted my AMD soon. In the event my 3600 is deemed defective will they automatically send me a new 3600? Can i get partial refund or credit back on the 5600x i purchased in place of replacement 3600?

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Most likely AMD will replace your processor if defective.

So you now will have 2 processors to use. You can either use the 3600 as a emergency Backup or you can sell it on ebay or Amazon or some other similar Retail site or give it away as a gift to a family or friend or use it to build a second PC with it.

Note: The AMD Warranty is only good for the original owner so if you sell the processor or give it away they won't be covered by the AMD  Warranty anymore.