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Journeyman III

Pease help DX

Need help fixing an issue i guess the issue is that it keeps just restarting whenever i open a game. i have a 10600KF processor and a Z490 UD AC MOBO sapphire pulse 6700 GPU all new parts to me (can provide more info if needed) and if i play a handfull of very old games on min graphics i can delay the inevitable but as soon as it trys to load a game just crashes or crashes 5 seconds in i disabled all the default overclocking (helped once in the past), updated all drivers, disabled microsofts auto restart thing changed the power settings and done just about every option i could find, does anyone have a hail mary to try XD please send help 

2 Replies
Adept I

You should try to update your BIOS / reset its settings to default.

Problem may be in games. Verify game files, reinstall them etc

This also may be some fault in your hardware, ensure your PSU is providing enough power to your pc.

Not applicable

I sometimes get message from dx after crash from game If my gpu oc is not stable.